Tuesday, May 30

She went to school !!

Yup, I'm happy about that!

It's so nice to be able to do what I want, without someone following me around and asking a whole bunch of questions. I can watch what I want without anyone complaining about what I'm watching.

My Mom's neighbours dog has cancer. They are putting him on medication to see what that will do for him. I think Mom is more upset than her neighbour is.

I'm still not feeling up to par. I think I've got a head cold. I don't want a head cold. I'll take some medicine for it, and get on with my day.

Finished off a pair of socks for me yesterday. Koigu yarn, bright variegated colors for the main sock with purple heels and toes. Not really happy with the fit of them. So I may give them to my Mom, since I told her I'd knit her a pair for Mother's Day. Then I'll do a reverse color pair for me, with less stitches on the needles. I was smart when I bought the yarn, and bought enough for two pairs; just reversing the colors on each pair.

I go for a massage this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to that! It's going to feel sooo good. Must remember to remind hubby that they have to walk down for piano lessons this afternoon.

Edited to add - must tell you about my massages. They are not the "feel good, make you want to relax and fall to sleep" kind of massage. It's more of a "work the knots out of the muscles, make them hurt so that they feel better" kind of massage. When the chiropractor suggested I go for a massage he said "Go see Anne, tell her I said to be rough" - does that tell you anything? I get major knots in my muscles. Right now my neck is so tight is hurts to move it; it'll feel much much better at 4 this afternoon. Only thing that could make it feel better than a massage is the chiropractor cracking it. She also works my lower back, where I have a pinched nerve that makes my leg hurt. The first time she worked it I could tell that it was working because the sensation in my leg changed - that felt weird. She did my feet once; which was brave of me, because I have very ticklish feet. Didn't tickle at all :) But it sure felt good. And it amazed me that when she rubbed certain areas on my feet, I could feel sensations on other parts of my body. So, I go to be tortured this afternoon - and I'm looking forward to it :)

Have a good day!


Donna said...

A massage! I am sooo jealous! Hope you feel just great afterwards.

Mary Anne said...


my biweekly massage treatments are the same - rough but oooh I feel so much better afterwards. Enjoy your time there.
mary anne