Friday, May 26


That's how I feel. Tired and bored. I'm doing my Eastlink job; watching the TV ad channels to make sure the ads are running properly. Auto ads are soo boring!

Not a lot of knitting going on. I'm not in the mood to knit right now. We do have 1000 puppets ready to go to the IWK once again. The next delivery date is June 21st - my son has a dental exam there that day.

I need to take some pictures of stuff to post. Hubby took some pictures the other day, but I can't find them on the computer! Might go look again. Guess what! Found them!!

Here's a shot of me on Dee and Katie on Tiny. She's says I'm not as boring to ride with now because I'll trot now :) Yeah me!!

Nothing else to type about.


Mary Anne said...

hey Dorothy,
that is a lovely picture of you and Katie and Dee and Tiny. Wow, he really is tiny. I hope you get your knitting mojo back soon. Sometimes it's good to have a break and refresh yourself.
Mary Anne

Laura said...

It must be lots of fun riding your horse, Dorothy. I'm so glad you could use my quote at church! ;)

Donna said...

Great picture of you and your daughter and the horses. The little one is certainly small!
I am sure you will be back in the knitting mode soon. 1000 finger puppets might have done you in for a while!

Barbara said...

Riding sounds like a lot of fun. My daughter (6 years old) has been stating her case for getting a pony or a horse for a couple years now. I would love to learn to ride. It's the costs associated with keeping a horse that I find daunting.

My husband only falls back on one excuse: "can't eat it if she gets tired of it!".

Thanks for dropping by my blog. The best source on shearing sheep would be to just a book from a public library on raising sheep. Believe it or not, I still refer to mine. Every year, I take that book in the barn with me, prop it open to the shearing step-by-step and go for it! I start just like they recommend by bending the head to the side (it makes the sheep quite cooperative!) and start shearing at the chin and neck, although after that I pretty much go with the flow and the sheep's whim. The hind quarters I find by far the hardest because by then the sheep is getting tired, is overly sensitive around the "privates" and can do a lot of damage with the hind legs, which my sheep seem to enjoy kicking!