Friday, June 24

too much laundry!!

There are times when I have to wonder where all the laundry comes from. I mean, we're not an overly dirty family, but yet it seems I always have lots of laundry that needs to be done. Yesterday I filled our clothes line. Today it's filled again, and I had one towel too many, so it's lying over the deck railing to dry. We're talking about a 60 foot clothes line being filled. Two days in a row!!!

Granted, two loads yesterday were towels that Troy got dirty while being sick Weds morning. But still!

I did a little bit of knitting yesterday. I'm working on a potatoe chip scarf. Those things are neat!! Mind you, that row with 720 sts is a real bugger! I was working on one of them while at the hospital. Lots of nurses have the pattern now :)

Went to our friends house last night for a BBQ. Planned a surprise b-day party for another friend while we were at it. I am in charge of getting the guest of honour out of they way for a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon. I told her I need help in my craft room... begged her to come and help me.

After supper 4 of us played Dutch Blitz. What a fun game!! I really want to get a copy of it for ourselves to have. If you have played the game "spit" it's very similar to that. Fast paced, and at times dangerous! :) I learned to play it while in college. A few of us would get together at one of the professers houses to play.

I have a b-day coming up next month. Hubby got me an early present - a second hand PDA. I've been wanting one for a while; to keep my schedule straight. Now I want to download knitting patterns and stuff onto it. Gotta learn about it, and start making "Patty" work more.

OH, forgot to mention Katie's socks. I knit her a pair of flip flop socks. They are basically a normal sock, but you stop at the spot where you would start to decrease for the toes. I did a few rows of K1P1 there, then cast them off. I knit a narrow strip that got sewn own to go between her big toe and the next toe; same place the flip flop strap goes. Must finish those and give them to her. She saw a picture of them online and wanted them. And if I could find the link to them now I'd share it with you; but I can't find it.

Off to do more housework. UGH!

Thursday, June 23

I am sooo tired

I just want to lie down and go to sleep.

It's been a long month so far this week. Know what I mean?? Had just too much going on.

Monday we headed to the city. Checked into the hotel, relaxed a bit, went to Troy's dental check-up. Went to pick my friend up at her work, then out to supper with her and did a bit of shopping. Tuesday were at the hospital at 6:15, and left at 4:15. Troy's surgery was 3 hours long. Got home at 8ish.

Up on Weds at 5 with Troy throwing up. To our local ER at 10 for some gravol and tylenol. Then he started to get back to being his normal annoying self.

Had to take Katie to Yarmouth yesterday for an eye exam. A friends daughter stayed home with Troy while she and I took Katie to Yarmouth. 20/20 vision - no glasses :) Yippee!! No longer concerned about the cupping behind her left eye either.

Got interested in some TV show last nigth that I'm not sure what it was. The Insider maybe?? I honestly don't know. It was good. Didn't get over until 11:00. Then I couldn't get to sleep.

Finally got to sleep and at 1:50 I hear our puppy out of his kennel walking around. Boy he's a noisy walker!! Put him back in. The top of his kennel is cracked, and somehow he manages to lift it up enough to get the door to open.

Heard the alarm go off at 7 this morning. Then heard the 7:30 news come on. Slept soundly in between the two.

Managed to get Katie on the bus this morning. I drove Troy in. He didn't want to go into the classroom at all. So his teacher just gave me his report card. Both kids graded :) Katie got the teacher that she wanted for next year. Two of her friends are in the class with her. She's a happy kid. Troy got a good teacher, not that it matters to him.

And I'm exhausted. I start something, then get sidetracked to something else. Like now. I came near the computer because I was going to pick something up and put it away. Sat down and typed this instead.

Better go put whatever it was away. If I can remember what it was.

Sunday, June 19

The Cat Came Back

Two posts in one day!!!

Our cat hadn't been seen since Friday evening. I know I heard her in our bedroom Friday night.

I was starting to think that she got out Saturday morning, and got hit by a car. No body on the side of the road anywhere - yes, I did go looking. I was just starting to get used to thinking that we had no cat, getting over the little bit of sadness.

This evening I went into our bedroom to put some things away, and out walked the cat!! Scared me nearly half to death!!!

She came out, had a bit to eat, used the litterbox, and went back to our bedroom door. So I opened it, and watched to see where she went. Into a little space between the end of a dresser and a wall.

I did notice that she was limping a bit.

This is the second time she has done this to us. Next time she doesn't show up for a couple of days I'm going to have a party!! No more feeling sad because the cat is "missing"!!!

must post more!!!

I think I'm going to have make signs that say "Must Post More" and stick them up all over my house. Then maybe I'll take the time to post. Maybe :)

My knitting needles have been busy. Friday night I started a pair of socks for my son. Finished them Saturday night. Today I started a pair of socks for my daughter. Have one almost ready to start the toe decreases. His were knit with Patons Kroy in a Jacquard colorway. Hers are Bernat Sox yarn. Gotta love kids with little feet!!

I need to round up some small knitting projects to take with me tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll finish her socks, and maybe do a potatoe chip scarf. Mary Anne introduced me to them. They look neat! We'll see what yarn jumps out at me when I go downstairs later on.

Troy (son) and I are heading to the city. He has to go to the children't hospital there for a dental check-up. We're doing some browsing while we are in the city as well. And going out to supper with my friend. Then Tuesday morning we have to be back at the hospital for 6:30. 8 am he goes into the OR to have dental work done. He won't sit still to have the work done. He is booked to be in the OR for two hours; they won't really know how much work is to be done until they get him knocked out.

Here's hoping he's a good boy for me while we are in the city. He and I have never stayed in a hotel together before; it'll be an adventure!

Oh, I've also knit a pair of footees for myself in the last week. LIke I said, needles have been busy.

I want to go though our exhibition entry list and pick out some things to make to enter in that as well. There's not big prize money, but it's fun to enter things. I figure that if people don't enter then categories are going to be dropped. Besides, someone has to knit mittens to give my sister some competition :)

I also have 4200 finger puppets to drop off at the hospital tomorrow. No, I didn't knit them all! There is a small group of us who knit them. I knit them, then pass the "bodies" onto my sister. She or my niece sew them up and put the faces on them. I don't like to do that job.

Can't think of anything else to babble about