Friday, June 24

too much laundry!!

There are times when I have to wonder where all the laundry comes from. I mean, we're not an overly dirty family, but yet it seems I always have lots of laundry that needs to be done. Yesterday I filled our clothes line. Today it's filled again, and I had one towel too many, so it's lying over the deck railing to dry. We're talking about a 60 foot clothes line being filled. Two days in a row!!!

Granted, two loads yesterday were towels that Troy got dirty while being sick Weds morning. But still!

I did a little bit of knitting yesterday. I'm working on a potatoe chip scarf. Those things are neat!! Mind you, that row with 720 sts is a real bugger! I was working on one of them while at the hospital. Lots of nurses have the pattern now :)

Went to our friends house last night for a BBQ. Planned a surprise b-day party for another friend while we were at it. I am in charge of getting the guest of honour out of they way for a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon. I told her I need help in my craft room... begged her to come and help me.

After supper 4 of us played Dutch Blitz. What a fun game!! I really want to get a copy of it for ourselves to have. If you have played the game "spit" it's very similar to that. Fast paced, and at times dangerous! :) I learned to play it while in college. A few of us would get together at one of the professers houses to play.

I have a b-day coming up next month. Hubby got me an early present - a second hand PDA. I've been wanting one for a while; to keep my schedule straight. Now I want to download knitting patterns and stuff onto it. Gotta learn about it, and start making "Patty" work more.

OH, forgot to mention Katie's socks. I knit her a pair of flip flop socks. They are basically a normal sock, but you stop at the spot where you would start to decrease for the toes. I did a few rows of K1P1 there, then cast them off. I knit a narrow strip that got sewn own to go between her big toe and the next toe; same place the flip flop strap goes. Must finish those and give them to her. She saw a picture of them online and wanted them. And if I could find the link to them now I'd share it with you; but I can't find it.

Off to do more housework. UGH!

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Mary Anne said...


your life is so busy and yet you manage to get everything done and help others. You are amazing!

I hope you get a chance to knit a cozy for your PDA :)
Mary Anne