Sunday, June 19

The Cat Came Back

Two posts in one day!!!

Our cat hadn't been seen since Friday evening. I know I heard her in our bedroom Friday night.

I was starting to think that she got out Saturday morning, and got hit by a car. No body on the side of the road anywhere - yes, I did go looking. I was just starting to get used to thinking that we had no cat, getting over the little bit of sadness.

This evening I went into our bedroom to put some things away, and out walked the cat!! Scared me nearly half to death!!!

She came out, had a bit to eat, used the litterbox, and went back to our bedroom door. So I opened it, and watched to see where she went. Into a little space between the end of a dresser and a wall.

I did notice that she was limping a bit.

This is the second time she has done this to us. Next time she doesn't show up for a couple of days I'm going to have a party!! No more feeling sad because the cat is "missing"!!!

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Mary Anne said...

The Cat Came Back!!!
I'm glad she did, Dorothy.
Good luck tomorrow on your big adventure with Troy. I hope all goes well.
Mary Anne