Friday, March 31

So, I lied....

Mary Anne said my craft room didn't look too bad. So I had to post more pictures to prove to her just how bad it was. And this was when it was looking half-ways decent! We're talking MESS here folks!!
The second picture shows the wall where the shelves are now gone, and there is a wall-to-wall countertop/workbench. (which I have to go downstairs and sand)

and because I don't want to totally torture you, here's a picture of the kids on a beach outside of Bathurst last summer. We went looking for beach glass. In the background there are some people playing with a dead tree that was floating around.

Have a good one!

Thursday, March 30

nicer pictures to look at

Last summer hubby took our canoe to my Mom's house and he paddled around our pond a little bit. You can see my Mom's house in one picture. When we were kids we would put our skates on in the house, go out the side door, down the hill and skate. Now the pond doesn't feeze good for skating, but we have a good sliding hill.

Anyway, I got a bit artistic and took these canoe shots. Thought after that terrible picture of the craft room I had better share a nice picture with you!!

It's a cedar strip canoe that my hubby built. Big enough for all 4 of us to get into. We go paddling in the Shelburne harbour once in a while; soon will be warm enough to do that again. :) He and a friend went down the Ohio river once last summer; took them 5 hours or so. They had a good time. This summer there is a small group of guys planning on a 3 day/2 night canoe trip.

Craft Room update - not for the faint of heart!!

This morning we got the new workbench put into place. It's 11 feet long, and 31 inches wide. Maple glued together like a cutting board. Heavy! We moved it in in 6 smaller sections, which were then bolted together. This baby isn't going anywhere! It's not finished yet, I decided to do that after everything else was done, so I could use it for sorting/storage space while waiting for shelves to be built.

After I left for work hubby took down the shelves off the wall on the left hand side of the room. He has some drywall work to do on that wall, then I'll be able to paint it.

In the meantime I get to start sorting things out. Keep, give away, toss, put aside for kids to use.

On the knitting front. I'm working on a pair of socks for our ministers daughter. They are moving the end of next month, and they will be a going away gift for her. I gave her a pair that our daughter had out-grown, and apparently she just looves them. Have the first one just about ready to start the toe decreases.

Still looking for Winnie the Pooh colored sock yarn; no luck yet.

The next pair of socks I do has to be for me! Either purple or bright colors - not sure which yarn I want to use first.

That's it for today. Pretty boring, right?

OK, so I decided to show you a bit of how bad it was. Hope you read the warning in the title - not for the faint of heart. This picture shows the shelves that are now gone. I promise to no do this to you again!

Wednesday, March 29

Happy Birthday

to Troy! He turned 12 today. He got to go to a concert Friday night. Got a pair of home knit socks, a set of I Spy books, a soccer ball and trouble game so far. Probably more gifts to come; his Aunt Sharmaine hasn't been here yet.

The farrier was here today and did the horses feet. They got pedicures. And Dee got shoes on her front feet. Who knew horses had accessories :) They are grey steel color, didn't come in red :( LOL

I made a tomatoe soup cake for Troy's b-day cake, and it stuck to the pan. So I have a messy looking b-day cake for him. I'm thinking of making another one. It'll get eaten.

Our firemen are out fighting a forest fire, there is a slim chance I might get called to take food and drinks to them. Not a very big chance, just a slim one. For my fellow NS readers, it's in Port Mouton. (somewhere around Carter's Beach - I think) Here's hoping that they don't get called out to any other fires tonight. This is their second call today. People are starting to burn brush, and are being careless. So, if you burn brush - be careful and have a good hose nearby!!!

Off to make another cake - that one is mocking me!!

Tuesday, March 28

not much news

Nothing exciting has been going on, so not much to post about.

I have a pair of socks for Troy just about finished. They will be finished in time for him to wear to school tomorrow on his b-day.

We went to a John Gracie and Terry Kelly concert Friday night. That was Troy's b-day gift from us. We all enjoyed it. John wished Troy a happy b-day :) Both kids got new CD's to listen to.

Troy's friend Shania called him last night. It's the second time she has called. He's not a good conversationalist. But he loves to get on his toy phone after she calls and pretend to talk to her.

Star is sold. No money has crossed hands yet, but the deal has been agreed upon.

I rode last night for a while. A few of us are trying to put together a trail ride for sometime in April. I know my butt is going to hurt when that is done! The route they are thinking of is 2.5 hours one way.

It's been so nice lately, I've been hanging clothes out to dry.


Wednesday, March 22

I WON!!!

I won something! I'm soo happy! :)

There is a site I go to (Atlantic Rider) that is all about the horses. It's a bulletin board type chat room site. Anyway. One of the categories for the winter was to pick a winter project, tell what it was, and keep it updated. When spring came they would pick a winner to get a limited edition Sable Island horse and foal stamp and coin set. My winter project was to get more comfortable with our horse, and to be more confident riding her. I won :)

And now I have to get ready to go to work :(

Have a super day.

Oh yes, hubby's curling team won first place in their division of the men's league. So he's happy too. :)

Tuesday, March 21


First Full Day of Spring :)

You were wondering, weren't you?

No Jennifer, my cookies weren't beat as long as yours, and weren't quite as good as yours, but I'm getting a bit closer each time I make them :) I wish you all could taste some of Jennifers chocolate chip cookies - they are soooo good. Jennifer is going to be a great highschool math teacher in a few years - and as a side business I think she should market her cookies. I have to admit; I have no real math skills. I came so close to failing math in school it wasn't funny. But, you know what, Jennifer got all the math smarts that I lack. Probably don't tell her often enough, maybe never have, but I'm proud of you girl!

Want to know another good thing about Jennifer? She's 16 years younger than me, and I get mistaken for her :) Once had to haul out the drivers license to prove I wasn't her. Good for the ego!

Not much going on here today. Hubby says I can clean up the workshop some and then start moving stuff out of my craft room if I want to. I'm debating that one while I type this. It means work. Typing isn't work.

I was working on a pair of socks last night and can't find the second ball of yarn. I fear that it is on a table in the craft room - under a huge pile of stuff. So I knit finger puppets instead. Found out that we have at least one new knitter of puppets out there; Elizabeths mom is knitting them.

Must go do something productive.

Monday, March 20

March Break is OVER!!!

and all those other exclamations of joy that are out there :)

I'm baking chocolate chip cookies, and no one is stealing them before them are baked. Well, except me that is :) gotta eat chocolate chip cookies raw sometimes.

I've got my country music TV station on, and no one is asking to change the channel. Well, the dog might be asking, but he can just suffer!

It's so nice and quiet in the house.

Yesterday 1/2 of the boards got cut for the craft room countertop. The rest need to get cut now. Then planed, sanded, glued and assembled. He tells me it'll be at least a week. It's going to be a bread board top; if that means anything to anyone.

I'm starting to think about the storage unit now; what do I want? I'll have to do an internet search for craft room pictures to get some ideas perhaps. If you have a picture to share, let me know!

That's my excitement for today; not much. Hope your day is more exciting!

Just wanted to add that we have 324 finger puppets knit for the children's hospital right now. That should be finished, not knit. There's more knit, just waiting for seams and faces. My sister does the seams and faces. I've taken over the job of stringing them in strings of 100 - it makes them easier to count and store when they are in strings.

Sunday, March 19



Went for a walk/geocaching with the kids on Friday. My friend came with us; she held the dogs leash, so it was her shoulders that got yanked around. But our daughter and I were climbing here and there through the woods looking for the geocache. Which we did find, and had a fun time finding it.

Yesterday I tackled the craft room.

This afternoon I went for a walk with Elizabeth and their dog, and our dog. Yanked my shoulder around.

I'm about ready to drop now; I've discovered muscles that I forgot I knew I had.

Now that I have the craft room torn apart, I'm scared to go down and start trying to organize. That's going to be one heck of a big job! Hubby has gone to get the wood for my counter; it's going to take a couple of days to make - and I just wanted to use my desks for now; to save some money and get it organized quicker. But no, he has to make it more difficult. And hubby did mention something about putting a wood floor in there for me - not sure if he was being serious or not. I want a big chair to put in there, for my friend Jan to sit in when she comes, she does cross stitch. (and for me to sit in when I just go down there to escape the kids LOL)

Jennifer, yes, the kids did like their cards. I liked the O'Cutie one best :) Hope you are having a good day!

Saturday, March 18


OK, for some reason I got the urge to clean up the craft room today. It really really really needs it!

So I started out to organize. I ended up taking all the stuff off a top shelf, and dusting it. Then everything off the 2nd shelf, and the third. Before I knew it all four shelves were down, cleaned, out of the room and the brackets gone!

Then I filled holes, sanded and primed. Ran to town, bought paint, and now have the short wall in my craft room a whole new color! It's sort of a brownish/yellowish color, trim will be burgandy.

Hubby is going to get some maple to build me a desktop that is the whole width or the room (11 feet). Not sure about shelves on that wall yet. New storage units will be built too.

Gonna get it all cleaned up, and start trying to get a bit more "serious" about my crafting. Plus, if I really use that room, then I can use it as a business expense :)

Jennifer, heard you made some mint fudge :) Sounds good, wish I had some chocolates left.

Thursday, March 16

Is it over yet??

I can't wait for Monday and school to be in again!!! I've never been so in demand. The kids have me worn out.

Not much exciting going on. Been working on a pair of socks; have the first one ready to start decreasing for the toes.

Wonder if Jennifer would wear a pair?? Humm - where can I find Pooh colored sock yarn?? :)

Also been working on finger puppets. We have 100 stringed together, plus a few loose ones in the bag. And I have have a bunch to take to my sister to be finished off. On the 8th we had 1000 delivered to the hospital. We're getting fancy, and are using a bit of fun fur on the bottom of some of them now. Looks some cute :)

Guess that's it for today.

A terible thing has happened! Our popcorn popper has died :( It was popping away, then it stopped spinning the popcorn around. Before I could unplug it there was a bright light, and it stopped. The popcorn inside the popping chamber was packed in there solid. Oh well, at least I had most of the popcorn for the kids popped before it died.

Monday, March 13

Just like she owned the place

That's how Star walked into the barn at the "new" home. Not a single hesitation or anything, just straight into the stall that was waiting for her. In a few days she'll be moved to the bigger barn - and if she has to come home to us from there she'll hate us. I want to live in the bigger barn! What a place!! Fields, huge indoor riding ring, big stalls - horsie heaven.

I had a new comment leaver - my niece. And what a nice quote for me! "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. Eeyore" Wonder if that is because she knows how little I know about flowers? :)

It's day one of March Break. So far, so good. The weather is beautiful. Tomorrow is supposed to rain; could be a long day.

Have a good one!

Sunday, March 12


I'm trying to get the house cleaned up, tidied up, and looking less cluttered. So why did I tell my hubby to stop at the house down the road a bit and pick up the 5 or so garbage bags of girls clothes that are there? Why? Because they are free, and Katie will eventually grow into them. That's why? But, it's more stuff to bring into the house. I'll be good though. I'll go through them, and what I don't want I'll take to the hospitals second hand shop tomorrow afternoon. Of course that's all depending on them still being there when hubby drives by.

Tomorrow we take Star away for the month; maybe forever. Katie woke up at 6:30 this morning saying she was sad. We'll miss the pony, but it's for the better. Besides, I like the horse :)

We went to the Ex grounds and rode yesterday afternoon. I rode for about 45 minutes. Took me a few minutes to get over my nerves, then I had fun just going at a walk. She spooked once, but it didn't scare me too much.

And now i must go get the dishes washed up.

Went through 8 garbage bags of clothes; kept about one garbage bag of stuff. Mostly for Katie but a few things for Troy. There were some nice things in there, but I knew she wouldn't wear them, so they went back in the bag. I'll wash the stuff up, fold it, put it away. And in that process may put a couple of things back in the "out of the house tomorrow" bags.

Friday, March 10


The days is half over, and so far it's going pretty good. I seem to be getting lots of little jobs done that needed to be done. Which makes me happy.

I got all but one of my orders from the spice party delivered. Have one extra bottle of dried green peppers - definately not something that will get used by me if I'm told to keep it.

I got my hair trimmed yesterday morning. Had more compliments on my hair today.

I had had to return some yarn to Briggs & Little, and the replacement yarn came today. Wrapped in brown paper; a huge piece of brown paper. So I gave that paper to my daughters class and they were drawing a mural for their teacher on it at lunchtime. It was an inside day today; and I forgot my knitting at home!

I'm in the process of trying to find someone to watch Troy on Weds. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 9

Half Day

Today is report card day for the kids, so they are getting out of school at lunchtime. I have to go in at 2:00 to meet with Troy's resource teacher. Then back in town at 3:00 for Katie's curling. I don't like days like this; seems like all i do is run here and there.

This morning I went grocery shopping as soon as the kids left for school. Then got my hair trimmed; just enough to get rid of the dead ends. Looks a lot nicer! Came home and put all the groceries away. Didn't get two things on my list; which isn't bad. Otherwise I think I got enough groceries for 2 weeks.

Someone I know was picking up Philadelphia cream cheese because it's on sale 2/$5.00. I looked at it, and said "no" and started to walk away. She asked me why I wasn't getting any. So I told her it was because I knew that the no-name brand was $2.34 regular price, and it's made by the same company. She put hers back :) I bought 4 tubs of cream cheese, and 3 of sour cream. Need some for recipes in the next two weeks, and the rest is for making dips. I bought light, so it's not quite so fattening :)

I know a guy who works out in the fireman's gym almost every day. We've been trying to get there at the same time so he can help me to set up a routine. Saw him in the grocery store. He looked me up and down and said "you're losing". YUP! I'm wearing jeans that a month ago I couldn't zipper up :) All I said to him was "I think so". It's getting nicer, I'm getting more active, and I'm watching what I eat. But, it's going to go off a lot harder than it went on!

I signed up for a horse riding clinic on May 20th. At the place where Katie takes lessons, being taught by the lady that teaches her. I predict I'll be sore on the 21st! I really have to get out riding on Dee, so that I won't be totally un-used to it. Today would be a good day if there wasn't so much else going on.

Dan is going on Saturday to buy hay. We have a guy 1.5 hours away that we get it from. Dan called him yesterday to let him know he was coming, and he told him he had sold all his hay. I heard that much of the story and started to panic. Then Dan went on to tell me that the hay man had arranged with his neighbour for us to buy hay from him at the same price. We're talking $3/bale less that it's selling for anywhere else right now. Which means that the hay part of our barn needs to get cleaned out by Saturday afternoon. Hope the weather stays nice.

On the knitting note. Started the heel process of Mary Anne's second sock this morning. I'll be taking it to curling to work on.

I have some Briggs & Little durasport yarn in a peacock color that I'm trying to decide what to do with. I have 2 skeins. I had thought of socks with it, but now I'm thinking I'd like the color to be seen more. (since it is my last name) The Irish Hiking scarf that Nova Knitter just finished is sort of calling to me, but I'm not sure if the yarn would be suitable. What do you think Donna?

Guess I had better stop babbling.

Wednesday, March 8


Yup, I stole my topic line from "Just in the Knit of Time". See her post for yesterday. See that picture? Pretend that it's over my house instead of hers :)

On the playground at lunchtime today we had all sorts of excitement. First a helicopter circled a couple of times, and then landed behind a huge (I mean HUGE!!)dirt pile. We think it may have been someone from Sobeys or Lawtons coming to check on the renovations that have been on-going for a while now. There were no kids on any of the equipment or the playground; they were all in one big bunch watching the helicopter.

A little bit later we hear a noise, and there goes the planes overhead. Kids were hitting the dirt and pretending to shoot at them. According to some kids in grade primary they crashed. Once again, kept the kids entertained for a little while. And afterwards they were in groups talking about the planes. Then they came again.

Made our job on the playground quite easy for today :)

Just a few minutes ago we heard them fly over the house.

I started a sweater for Troy back in the fall. Got it out last night and decided that it's just too wide for him, won't look good on him, and I'm not going to finish it. Thought I'd use some Bernat Denim yarn to knit the same sweater, but can't get gauge with it. So now I've decided that he doesn't need a sweater. Will be starting Mary Anne's second sock this evening.

Have a pork roast going in the crock pot. Vegies and potatoes cooking on the stove. Bread going in the bread machine. I'm hungry!!

Got my order from the spice party today. All sorts of yummy smelling things in there. Might try a loaf of bread later with one of the dip mixes in it for flavor.

That's it for today.

Monday, March 6


Just told my hubby I'm going to the gym tonight. Plan to be there at 6:00. He didn't complain at all; said "OK". I go to the gym in the fire hall, it's free for firemen and ladies aux. members to use. Plus I have to be there to work on a catering job the aux is doing for 7. So might as well go early and get a work out done. Right?? Yup, the new improved me is coming out again :)

"Nova Knitter" I tried to go to your blog, and got a message that I wasn't authorized to view the site. Same thing happened on another blog that I go to daily as well. Just thought I'd let you know. Gee, hope it's not me :)

Not much going on here today. Housework and laundry - same ol' same ol'.

Gotta go get some lunch.

Saturday, March 4

Dee is still pink

The color didn't go away over night. Katie has taken to calling her Strawberry. Ran into a member of the horse club at the grocery store last night. Was telling her about Dee, and how I had dyed her. Gave her a good chuckle. And got another potential buyer for Star should the lady who is taking her for a month decide not to take her.

Elizabeth and I got together for the evening. She got a good laugh out of my pink horse. So did her hubby and one daughter. I look at her and smile. She's good for the mood. We're going to try to get a picture using a video camera later on today.

Have I mentioned FlyLady? Check out this site it's a good motivator. My house is looking so much better since I started out on this. I'm on day 9. My laundry is getting done instead of piling up, my meals are planned, flat surfaces aren't piled up quite so much, I'm getting rid of things I don't need/want anymore. Katie is working on her room today, cleaning it in zones. Now, to just get her to get rid of some things!!

I've got a load of laundry going now, the dishes in the dishwasher are cooling before I put them away, I have a loaf of brown bread going in the machine, and Troy is sweeping the floor for me. Three machines and one kid working hard for me :)

Hubby has to work this afternoon, so I missed out on a chance to go to Yarmouth to do a bit of shopping. Oh well. I have a chance to go there with my sister on Tuesday, will have to decide about that. They are adopting this guy on the 15th, after he is neutered. They are taking their dog up to play with him for a bit on Tuesday. They used me as a reference, and when the SPCA called me I almost told the guy that if I were to die today I'd want to come back as one of their pets - they are that well spoiled :)

Well, back to the housework.

Friday, March 3


Well, the weekend is here, again. The kids only had a half day today, they just got home. Katie has a friend here for the afternoon. It's nice out, so hopefully they'll play outside quite a bit. The ponies will be their main attraction, I'm pretty sure.

I have an apple crisp in the oven, and does it ever smell good. Can't wait for it to be dessert time - of course I could have dessert first :)

Hubby and I tried to decide when he should take his vacation this summer. We decided on 2 weeks, but he has 3 this year. So I told him to discuss it with our friend Troy to see if they could pick a date that they want to do their canoe trip, and take that week off. What a nice wife I am :) He takes our local exhibition week off - he has to be groom and babysitter that week. First year he only had to get Katie ready to go, last year he had Troy and Katie, this year I think he has 3 of us! Unless we decide that he's riding instead of me. August will be here before we know it!

Not much going on here today. I got a lot of things accomplished this morning. Dropped Troy's quilt off at a seamstress to be serged around the sides. Mailed a package that needed to be mailed. Bought a few groceries.

This menu thing is really being a money saver for us. I used to go and buy groceries, then almost every day would be stopping in to pick up something that I forgot to buy. And of course would see something else that I "needed" to pick up as well. Today I sepnt $20.00; first money I've spent since last Thursday. My hubby is sooooo pleased! (me too)

That's it for today.

Had to add this. I wish my digital camera was working. Dee has had a red blanket on for most of the week, because it's been so cold. I had washed it a few times, and thought all the dye was out. It wasn't. We now have a pink bodied horse. Looks quite funny.

Thursday, March 2


Tomorrow is a half day at school; the teachers need extra time for making up report cards. Katie has a friend coming over for the afternoon.

Troy got his first phone call today! From a girl :) She's his "buddy" at school. Ever since they started school together she has sort of looked out for him, been a friend to him, and all that stuff. We stopped at the library today after school and she was there using the computer, he went to say hi to her. We were home for a bit when the phone rang and it was her just calling to say hi to Troy :) Did my heart good. He'll have to take her a special treat on Monday. We do that sometimes, send her a special treat - cookies, a small gift, a home-made card.

Knit a few more finger puppets today. Did that while Katie was curling. Troy and two other girls were playing with a ball for quite a while, they were having fun. He threw the ball towards me, and without thinking I put my right arm out to catch it - big mistake! Did not do my shoulder any good at all.

A friends daughter is in the children's hospital in the city. No one at the school knew for sure what is wrong with her. She was admitted to our local hospital for dehydration (throwing up a lot), and spent Tuesday night there. But last night around 6 they sent her to the city in an ambulance. I hope and pray that nothing serious is wrong with her, and that it was just that our hospital couldn't get her to stop throwing up.

It's a CSI night. We have a friend who comes almost every Thursday night to watch CSI with us. Hope I can stay awake.

Had a friend offer to give me some relacore pills that she can't take. It's a weight loss thing. I'm debating it now. Might, might not, probably not. I suck at taking pills anyway!

Guess that's it for today.

Wednesday, March 1

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits

It's the first of the month, and Mary Anne knows what that means. She rabbit'ed me, so she should have good luck for the month. I'm just thankful that March came in like a lamb.

Not much going on here today. I volunteered in the school library this afternoon. Knit 5 fingers puppets while I was there.

Came home and put the shepherds pie for supper in the oven. It was sooo nice to have it ready to go, just needing to be heated. I like this new organized me.

I've been gathering up a few things for a flea market on the 25th of this month. The horse club we belong to is having a clinic for the kids in June; and to help keep the costs down we are doing some fund raising. The flea market is the first thing. I've heard rumours of a bottle drive. Tickets on an intarsia horse that I'm slowly working on - I do have all the pieces cut out now. Plus I've heard of tickets on a 3day/4 night riding camp. Re-organizing and a flea market go hand in hand .. a great way for me to get rid of stuff. Whatever doesn't sell will be given to our hospitals second hand store to sell.

Katie wants to have a friend come over on Friday for the afternoon - they only have a half day of school. Told her I'd think about it if her room got cleaned up. Yes, I'll do anything to get that girl to clean her room!

Guess that's it for now.