Wednesday, March 29

Happy Birthday

to Troy! He turned 12 today. He got to go to a concert Friday night. Got a pair of home knit socks, a set of I Spy books, a soccer ball and trouble game so far. Probably more gifts to come; his Aunt Sharmaine hasn't been here yet.

The farrier was here today and did the horses feet. They got pedicures. And Dee got shoes on her front feet. Who knew horses had accessories :) They are grey steel color, didn't come in red :( LOL

I made a tomatoe soup cake for Troy's b-day cake, and it stuck to the pan. So I have a messy looking b-day cake for him. I'm thinking of making another one. It'll get eaten.

Our firemen are out fighting a forest fire, there is a slim chance I might get called to take food and drinks to them. Not a very big chance, just a slim one. For my fellow NS readers, it's in Port Mouton. (somewhere around Carter's Beach - I think) Here's hoping that they don't get called out to any other fires tonight. This is their second call today. People are starting to burn brush, and are being careless. So, if you burn brush - be careful and have a good hose nearby!!!

Off to make another cake - that one is mocking me!!


Mary Anne said...

Yay I get to reply first!!

Happy Birthday Troy and I hope you enjoy all your pressies.

Fire season already. It's scary the way things can get out of control so quickly. I hope people will be more careful this year.

Good luck with that second cake, Dorothy. You can always send the squishy one to me, you know :)

Dorothy said...

second cake is baked; turned out "pale" for some reason.

Not my day for baking apparently.

Jennifer - Troy says Thank you! for his card.

Mary Anne - same message as Jennifer's :)

lexa said...

Check out my blog - I have a couple of pics of the smoke from the fire posted. Our driver could see the smoke from the highway in Chester. Right after the call for the forest fire our department also got called to a chimney fire in town, which turned out to be a house fire! I don't know how bad it was. Travis will be home sometime tomorrow, and I'm sure he will end up in Port Mouton sooner or later. They had come in for the night but had to go back out because it flared back up, and ash was blowing towards a house.

Happy birthday to Troy! The cake I made Logan for his birthday was a flop. I ended up having to go pick him up a little one from the SuperStore! They had a cake at their party, but I also like to get them each a cake (or make one) on their actual birthday, too.

Jennifer said...

Glad he liked the card, if Aunt Sharmaine wasn't there yet getting more is probably a good guess.
: )

Well messy & pale are better than burnt. And he doesn't have to make his own cake, but he could have fun doing that...I do.
And don't worry, you can get the final revenge on the mocking cake!

Mom said the guys were being looked after.

Donna said...

The fire is just about 10 minutes from us, so we really appreciate all the firefighters out there working.
Hope your craft room is done soon.