Friday, March 31

So, I lied....

Mary Anne said my craft room didn't look too bad. So I had to post more pictures to prove to her just how bad it was. And this was when it was looking half-ways decent! We're talking MESS here folks!!
The second picture shows the wall where the shelves are now gone, and there is a wall-to-wall countertop/workbench. (which I have to go downstairs and sand)

and because I don't want to totally torture you, here's a picture of the kids on a beach outside of Bathurst last summer. We went looking for beach glass. In the background there are some people playing with a dead tree that was floating around.

Have a good one!


Mary Anne said...

Ok Dorothy,

it's a little bit untidy but still, not really messy. It looks like you'll have lots of space to perform craft miracles!

Donna said...

Ok you are right! It is a mess. But you are still lucky to have all that space for a craft area!

Laura said...

Okay, it's messy right now, but just think....when you get your workbench in place and start to "purge" (hint, hint :) some of your un-necessary things, how lovely it will be!