Tuesday, March 21


First Full Day of Spring :)

You were wondering, weren't you?

No Jennifer, my cookies weren't beat as long as yours, and weren't quite as good as yours, but I'm getting a bit closer each time I make them :) I wish you all could taste some of Jennifers chocolate chip cookies - they are soooo good. Jennifer is going to be a great highschool math teacher in a few years - and as a side business I think she should market her cookies. I have to admit; I have no real math skills. I came so close to failing math in school it wasn't funny. But, you know what, Jennifer got all the math smarts that I lack. Probably don't tell her often enough, maybe never have, but I'm proud of you girl!

Want to know another good thing about Jennifer? She's 16 years younger than me, and I get mistaken for her :) Once had to haul out the drivers license to prove I wasn't her. Good for the ego!

Not much going on here today. Hubby says I can clean up the workshop some and then start moving stuff out of my craft room if I want to. I'm debating that one while I type this. It means work. Typing isn't work.

I was working on a pair of socks last night and can't find the second ball of yarn. I fear that it is on a table in the craft room - under a huge pile of stuff. So I knit finger puppets instead. Found out that we have at least one new knitter of puppets out there; Elizabeths mom is knitting them.

Must go do something productive.


Donna said...

I would love to have a craft room. You will be soooo pleased when it is done!
Congrats on all your finger puppets. The kids will love them.

Jennifer said...

: D