Wednesday, March 8


Yup, I stole my topic line from "Just in the Knit of Time". See her post for yesterday. See that picture? Pretend that it's over my house instead of hers :)

On the playground at lunchtime today we had all sorts of excitement. First a helicopter circled a couple of times, and then landed behind a huge (I mean HUGE!!)dirt pile. We think it may have been someone from Sobeys or Lawtons coming to check on the renovations that have been on-going for a while now. There were no kids on any of the equipment or the playground; they were all in one big bunch watching the helicopter.

A little bit later we hear a noise, and there goes the planes overhead. Kids were hitting the dirt and pretending to shoot at them. According to some kids in grade primary they crashed. Once again, kept the kids entertained for a little while. And afterwards they were in groups talking about the planes. Then they came again.

Made our job on the playground quite easy for today :)

Just a few minutes ago we heard them fly over the house.

I started a sweater for Troy back in the fall. Got it out last night and decided that it's just too wide for him, won't look good on him, and I'm not going to finish it. Thought I'd use some Bernat Denim yarn to knit the same sweater, but can't get gauge with it. So now I've decided that he doesn't need a sweater. Will be starting Mary Anne's second sock this evening.

Have a pork roast going in the crock pot. Vegies and potatoes cooking on the stove. Bread going in the bread machine. I'm hungry!!

Got my order from the spice party today. All sorts of yummy smelling things in there. Might try a loaf of bread later with one of the dip mixes in it for flavor.

That's it for today.


lexa said...

The planes were back here today, too. Not as long as yesterday or as low.

I used to work at the only inn/restaurant right in town, and when I first started working there (1994ish?) there was a couple staying there that had a helicopter. They parked it on the grass. There was also a guy from DNR who would land on the lawn in his small copter and come in for lunch. He usually came a few times per summer. I don't know if he still does or not. Used to attract a lot of attention!

I'm working on a sock right now to go with one that I started before Christmas! It's made with Patons Shetland Chunky so should knit up quite fast.

Mary Anne said...

Sounds like a noisy but interesting day and I'm sure the kids loved it.

Hey, my one sock is finished already? Yay for you. Don't rush though.

Your meal sounds so yummy and although I have eaten, I am hungry again.