Thursday, March 30

Craft Room update - not for the faint of heart!!

This morning we got the new workbench put into place. It's 11 feet long, and 31 inches wide. Maple glued together like a cutting board. Heavy! We moved it in in 6 smaller sections, which were then bolted together. This baby isn't going anywhere! It's not finished yet, I decided to do that after everything else was done, so I could use it for sorting/storage space while waiting for shelves to be built.

After I left for work hubby took down the shelves off the wall on the left hand side of the room. He has some drywall work to do on that wall, then I'll be able to paint it.

In the meantime I get to start sorting things out. Keep, give away, toss, put aside for kids to use.

On the knitting front. I'm working on a pair of socks for our ministers daughter. They are moving the end of next month, and they will be a going away gift for her. I gave her a pair that our daughter had out-grown, and apparently she just looves them. Have the first one just about ready to start the toe decreases.

Still looking for Winnie the Pooh colored sock yarn; no luck yet.

The next pair of socks I do has to be for me! Either purple or bright colors - not sure which yarn I want to use first.

That's it for today. Pretty boring, right?

OK, so I decided to show you a bit of how bad it was. Hope you read the warning in the title - not for the faint of heart. This picture shows the shelves that are now gone. I promise to no do this to you again!

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