Sunday, March 12


I'm trying to get the house cleaned up, tidied up, and looking less cluttered. So why did I tell my hubby to stop at the house down the road a bit and pick up the 5 or so garbage bags of girls clothes that are there? Why? Because they are free, and Katie will eventually grow into them. That's why? But, it's more stuff to bring into the house. I'll be good though. I'll go through them, and what I don't want I'll take to the hospitals second hand shop tomorrow afternoon. Of course that's all depending on them still being there when hubby drives by.

Tomorrow we take Star away for the month; maybe forever. Katie woke up at 6:30 this morning saying she was sad. We'll miss the pony, but it's for the better. Besides, I like the horse :)

We went to the Ex grounds and rode yesterday afternoon. I rode for about 45 minutes. Took me a few minutes to get over my nerves, then I had fun just going at a walk. She spooked once, but it didn't scare me too much.

And now i must go get the dishes washed up.

Went through 8 garbage bags of clothes; kept about one garbage bag of stuff. Mostly for Katie but a few things for Troy. There were some nice things in there, but I knew she wouldn't wear them, so they went back in the bag. I'll wash the stuff up, fold it, put it away. And in that process may put a couple of things back in the "out of the house tomorrow" bags.

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Jennifer said...

So that's what the new horse looks like...I glanced back to February since I didn't get to see it then, or Troy.

Oh, and I have a quote for you.
: )
Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.
~ Eeyore