Friday, March 3


Well, the weekend is here, again. The kids only had a half day today, they just got home. Katie has a friend here for the afternoon. It's nice out, so hopefully they'll play outside quite a bit. The ponies will be their main attraction, I'm pretty sure.

I have an apple crisp in the oven, and does it ever smell good. Can't wait for it to be dessert time - of course I could have dessert first :)

Hubby and I tried to decide when he should take his vacation this summer. We decided on 2 weeks, but he has 3 this year. So I told him to discuss it with our friend Troy to see if they could pick a date that they want to do their canoe trip, and take that week off. What a nice wife I am :) He takes our local exhibition week off - he has to be groom and babysitter that week. First year he only had to get Katie ready to go, last year he had Troy and Katie, this year I think he has 3 of us! Unless we decide that he's riding instead of me. August will be here before we know it!

Not much going on here today. I got a lot of things accomplished this morning. Dropped Troy's quilt off at a seamstress to be serged around the sides. Mailed a package that needed to be mailed. Bought a few groceries.

This menu thing is really being a money saver for us. I used to go and buy groceries, then almost every day would be stopping in to pick up something that I forgot to buy. And of course would see something else that I "needed" to pick up as well. Today I sepnt $20.00; first money I've spent since last Thursday. My hubby is sooooo pleased! (me too)

That's it for today.

Had to add this. I wish my digital camera was working. Dee has had a red blanket on for most of the week, because it's been so cold. I had washed it a few times, and thought all the dye was out. It wasn't. We now have a pink bodied horse. Looks quite funny.


Mary Anne said...


you are a whirlwind of activity this morning. Planning holidays is always a fun thing to do. That apple crisp smells delicious!

lexa said...

We are trying to plan a big trip for next March break - maybe involving an airplane! Travis has only ever been on a plane once from Ottawa to Halifax, and I nor the boys have ever been on a plane! We have a camper, so we'll do a fair bit of camping this year, other than that vacations will be small. Travis won't be able to take a "real" vacation this year - not with just getting this other truck!

I'd love to see your pink horse!

Have a piece of apple crisp for me!