Thursday, March 2


Tomorrow is a half day at school; the teachers need extra time for making up report cards. Katie has a friend coming over for the afternoon.

Troy got his first phone call today! From a girl :) She's his "buddy" at school. Ever since they started school together she has sort of looked out for him, been a friend to him, and all that stuff. We stopped at the library today after school and she was there using the computer, he went to say hi to her. We were home for a bit when the phone rang and it was her just calling to say hi to Troy :) Did my heart good. He'll have to take her a special treat on Monday. We do that sometimes, send her a special treat - cookies, a small gift, a home-made card.

Knit a few more finger puppets today. Did that while Katie was curling. Troy and two other girls were playing with a ball for quite a while, they were having fun. He threw the ball towards me, and without thinking I put my right arm out to catch it - big mistake! Did not do my shoulder any good at all.

A friends daughter is in the children's hospital in the city. No one at the school knew for sure what is wrong with her. She was admitted to our local hospital for dehydration (throwing up a lot), and spent Tuesday night there. But last night around 6 they sent her to the city in an ambulance. I hope and pray that nothing serious is wrong with her, and that it was just that our hospital couldn't get her to stop throwing up.

It's a CSI night. We have a friend who comes almost every Thursday night to watch CSI with us. Hope I can stay awake.

Had a friend offer to give me some relacore pills that she can't take. It's a weight loss thing. I'm debating it now. Might, might not, probably not. I suck at taking pills anyway!

Guess that's it for today.

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Donna said...

I tried the relacore pills myself and of course can't remember to take them, so I cannot say whether they were any help or not. Hope your shoulder is feeling better.