Monday, March 20

March Break is OVER!!!

and all those other exclamations of joy that are out there :)

I'm baking chocolate chip cookies, and no one is stealing them before them are baked. Well, except me that is :) gotta eat chocolate chip cookies raw sometimes.

I've got my country music TV station on, and no one is asking to change the channel. Well, the dog might be asking, but he can just suffer!

It's so nice and quiet in the house.

Yesterday 1/2 of the boards got cut for the craft room countertop. The rest need to get cut now. Then planed, sanded, glued and assembled. He tells me it'll be at least a week. It's going to be a bread board top; if that means anything to anyone.

I'm starting to think about the storage unit now; what do I want? I'll have to do an internet search for craft room pictures to get some ideas perhaps. If you have a picture to share, let me know!

That's my excitement for today; not much. Hope your day is more exciting!

Just wanted to add that we have 324 finger puppets knit for the children's hospital right now. That should be finished, not knit. There's more knit, just waiting for seams and faces. My sister does the seams and faces. I've taken over the job of stringing them in strings of 100 - it makes them easier to count and store when they are in strings.


Laura said...

How exciting for you to be plaaning a craft room, Dorothy! Those chocolate chip cookies sound yummy....can I have one, pleeeaase? Keep up the good work with the puppets and bless your heart, by the way!

Jennifer said...

How did your cookies turn out? I'm guessing you took less time to mix them than I would have. And isn't eating some raw cookie dough part of the reason to make chocolate chip cookies?
: )