Thursday, March 16

Is it over yet??

I can't wait for Monday and school to be in again!!! I've never been so in demand. The kids have me worn out.

Not much exciting going on. Been working on a pair of socks; have the first one ready to start decreasing for the toes.

Wonder if Jennifer would wear a pair?? Humm - where can I find Pooh colored sock yarn?? :)

Also been working on finger puppets. We have 100 stringed together, plus a few loose ones in the bag. And I have have a bunch to take to my sister to be finished off. On the 8th we had 1000 delivered to the hospital. We're getting fancy, and are using a bit of fun fur on the bottom of some of them now. Looks some cute :)

Guess that's it for today.

A terible thing has happened! Our popcorn popper has died :( It was popping away, then it stopped spinning the popcorn around. Before I could unplug it there was a bright light, and it stopped. The popcorn inside the popping chamber was packed in there solid. Oh well, at least I had most of the popcorn for the kids popped before it died.


Mary Anne said...


Pooh coloured yarn - that's funny, kiddo. Wow, lots of finger puppets. They sound so cute and I'm sure the kids love receiving them.

The week is almost over!

Donna said...

I remember March break. I guess our next experience will be grandkids.
What colour is pooh?

Dorothy said...

kinda yellowish withe red shirt - I meant Winnie the Pooh :) Niece likes him.

Jennifer said...

"Wonder if Jennifer would wear a pair??"

I don't that's the answer you'd expect too!
: )

1000 puppets, that's good! Bet the few I faced were the only ones with eyebrows.