Thursday, March 30

nicer pictures to look at

Last summer hubby took our canoe to my Mom's house and he paddled around our pond a little bit. You can see my Mom's house in one picture. When we were kids we would put our skates on in the house, go out the side door, down the hill and skate. Now the pond doesn't feeze good for skating, but we have a good sliding hill.

Anyway, I got a bit artistic and took these canoe shots. Thought after that terrible picture of the craft room I had better share a nice picture with you!!

It's a cedar strip canoe that my hubby built. Big enough for all 4 of us to get into. We go paddling in the Shelburne harbour once in a while; soon will be warm enough to do that again. :) He and a friend went down the Ohio river once last summer; took them 5 hours or so. They had a good time. This summer there is a small group of guys planning on a 3 day/2 night canoe trip.


Jennifer said...

The hill from house to pond doesn't look very big in that picture.

Mary Anne said...

it must have been fun to skate on that pond and now you can canoe there. I love that canoe. This summer I hope to see a photo of you paddling :)