Sunday, July 15

Who turned up the heat??

This morning was foggy and cool. Now it's sunny and hot. I'd like sunny and a bit cooler, please :)

Here's a picture of me beside one of the two big signs that were on the trees in front of our house Weds morning. One the side that faces the road. That I couldn't see from the house, and didn't even know were there until hubby mentioned them shortly after 10:00. I quickly took them down, but did put this sign on a tree in the yard, where it could still be seen - just not so easily! You know, it's still in that tree, should take it down soon. I smile when I look at it though. Thanks again guys!

I've been doing lots of reading lately. Worked my way through 4 books in the last 1.5 weeks. Need to either borrow more from Elizabeth, or go to the library on Tuesday. Anyone have anything to recommend? I should probably spend my time knitting, but I'm not really in the mood to knit.

Strange, typed this up yesterday, but it didn't post. Oh well, I'll add to it now :)

We went canoeing on Saturday. On our way out to the spot where we stopped for a picnic lunch we saw a bald eagle flying around. As we were sitting on the shoreline I was watching the eagle dipping and flying around a clump of trees. On our way back to go home we were paddling along, and I was looking for the eagle. Then I spotted it in a tree. Looked like a black blob, until it moved and I could see it's head. We were able to paddle up to probably within 50 feet or so of it, then it flew away. It was amazing! We also saw a younger eagle fly away as well.

Another muggy day. Hope my laundry will dry!!

Wednesday, July 11

The Big 4-0

Today's the day. I turned 40. :(

Last night I caught my sister, niece and 3 friends putting balloons all over our truck. Plus a sign on the mailbox (which is still there!) They would have gotten away with it, but Troy spotted them. And even when I went out to see what the sign said, they still would have gotten away with it, except that someone let the air out of a balloon ... and I busted them :)

Thanks you guys!!!

I got breakfast in bed. Katie knit me a little purse. They got me a mug that says "I'm not 40, I'm 39.95", and I got a cell phone holder with Eeyore on it. Other friends gave me a rose that is named "Super Dorothy".

The day is off to a good start. Well, as good as the day you turn 40 can be!

Thursday, July 5

rainy day

It's a rainy day today. I'm not complaining, we could certainly use the rain. But, guess what hubby bought this morning? A sprinkler for watering the gardens because we haven't been getting much rain.

Katie is bored, so she is re-arranging her bedroom. Told her she can put the bed however she wants - as long as the room is clean! She needs to keep that room clean. IF she keeps her room clean we have parts of a computer for her, and will rig it up in her room to make homework doing easier in the fall. She won't have internet access on it, at least not if I have my way!

Troy has been puttering around. Hurt his finger with a knitting needle. Now he's drinking a cup of coffee (a little coffee, lots of milk) with me.

Flylady. Ever hear of her? Well worth looking into to. It's all about getting into routines to keep your house clean. I'm not a strick flyer, but I'm working on it.


Tuesday, July 3

Walk/Trot Class for a Cure

In August, at our local exhibition, I'll be taking part in a "walk/trot Class for a Cure"

This is a riding class in which the riders will only be going at a walk or a trot. Typically a class for beginners, or those with new horses. But this class is different, it's open to all horses and riders. And it's a fund raiser! There is a $5.00 entry fee, and the entry fees will be given to Breast Cancer Research.

I'll be collecting "sponsors" for this ride, with the money being given as an added donation. If you would like to support me in this cause, drop me a line at and I'll let you know how to send some $$ to me.

Oh yes, would someone please let me know if this font is pink. Our monitor has a yellow tinge to it, so I can't tell. Thanks!!! I changed the color, is it better yet?

July 3rd

Gee, this is the most chatty I've been in a while.

Yesterday my friend Jan and I planned to take our friend Elizabeth out for lunch for her b-day. Her b-day was last week, but with her daughter graduating from HS, and the flower shop she works at being super busy we decided to celebrate a bit late. We went to White Point We had lunch and went for a walk on the beach. After lunch we went to the Rosginol Cultural Centre (well worth the $4 admission fee!!). On the way home we stopped at a little restaurant in Port Mouton for desserts. Another nice stop. It was a good day.

When they came to pick me up I got a surprise. They had gotten together and bought me a Super Dorothy rose bush for my birthday. (Jan is going to be away on my birthday next week) I had seen them at our local garden centre a while ago, and given the name of it, I really wanted one. Now I need to find a place to plant it. Jan also paid for my lunch as well as Elizabeths. (I was expecting to pay half of Elizabeths lunch, and for my own)

I've been knitting some fun fur yarn scarves for a friend of mine. She is going to knit hats to go with them, and give them as Christmas presents. I started the third one today, will have to email her later and get more yarn from her. Still too ticked off to re-start the socks.

Today is an exciting day, I'm doing housework. YIPPEE!!

Sunday, July 1

Darn Darn Darn!!!

Just had to frog my broadripple sock!!
Had the cuff done, the heel turned, and finished the gusset. Decided to try it on to see how it fit. Well, it went on my foot; but there is no what it's going over my heel!! Guess my needles were too small :( Don't have a bigger size in my needle stash.
I'm sad now.
Will go knit on a dishcloth instead.
So much for having some "exciting" kntting to put into this contest. Oh well. I could knit the yarn up into plain socks I suppose. Or pick another pattern that uses small needles.
Hope you're having a good Canada Day!!!