Sunday, July 15

Who turned up the heat??

This morning was foggy and cool. Now it's sunny and hot. I'd like sunny and a bit cooler, please :)

Here's a picture of me beside one of the two big signs that were on the trees in front of our house Weds morning. One the side that faces the road. That I couldn't see from the house, and didn't even know were there until hubby mentioned them shortly after 10:00. I quickly took them down, but did put this sign on a tree in the yard, where it could still be seen - just not so easily! You know, it's still in that tree, should take it down soon. I smile when I look at it though. Thanks again guys!

I've been doing lots of reading lately. Worked my way through 4 books in the last 1.5 weeks. Need to either borrow more from Elizabeth, or go to the library on Tuesday. Anyone have anything to recommend? I should probably spend my time knitting, but I'm not really in the mood to knit.

Strange, typed this up yesterday, but it didn't post. Oh well, I'll add to it now :)

We went canoeing on Saturday. On our way out to the spot where we stopped for a picnic lunch we saw a bald eagle flying around. As we were sitting on the shoreline I was watching the eagle dipping and flying around a clump of trees. On our way back to go home we were paddling along, and I was looking for the eagle. Then I spotted it in a tree. Looked like a black blob, until it moved and I could see it's head. We were able to paddle up to probably within 50 feet or so of it, then it flew away. It was amazing! We also saw a younger eagle fly away as well.

Another muggy day. Hope my laundry will dry!!


Donna said...

A break from knitting is not a bad thing. Reading is a great exercise. I read mystery style books by Jonathon Kellerman, James Patterson, John Sandford, all of whom I quite enjoy!

Mary Anne said...

your post came through just fine. Good for you with the reading. I like your 40th birthday poster!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday, Dorothy, even though it's belated, the wishes are still for much joy and good knitting in your future. :)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi! Happy Belated Birthday!! Geez, I guess I was close. We followed the old hwy into Shelburne but we took the 103 from Shelburne to Barrington. LOL SO close. Maybe next time. :-) I was kind of looking for your horses... :-D

lexa said...

That bag pattern is very simple. (I got it from a customer.) Just take 6mm needles, cast on 90 sts. Work two rows stockinette. Then on every knit row decrease one stitch at the beginning of the row. Decrease down til you get 68sts. Work two rows stockinette, cast off. Then you loosely sew the side seams. Work a 3st attached i-cord up the side of the bag, starting in the bottom right corner. Keep going and work plain 3st i-cord for 55" (or desired length). Resume working 3st attached i-cord at the top left, down the side, and around the bottom of the bag. Then you work attached 3st i-cord on the diagonal of the flap, and when you get to the point you work regular 3-st i-cord for 9 rows to make the button loop, reattach to the outside edge of the flap and work the attached 3st i-cord to finish. It may not sound like it makes sense til you are actually knitting it. (Or at least that's the way it was with me!)

You could make a bigger bag by casting on more stitches and working more decreases.