Monday, August 20

long time, no post

There's been nothing exciting to post about, honest!!

I did knit a pair of socks for Katie, and have a pair for Troy just about finished. I'll finish his tonight.

Tomorrow Troy and I go to the IWK in Halifax for a dental check-up. We'll spend the night in the city, and Weds morning he goes into the OR for any dental work that needs to be done. I'm taking finger puppets along to work on - something that is easy and doesn't require much thought. Have to be there at 6 Weds morning - UGH!!

Hopefully Tuesday evening we'll be able to meet up with some friends from the FlyLady group that I belong to. That would be nice.

Guess that's it. I'll have to try to live a more exciting life to have more to post about :)


Mary Anne said...

sometimes nothing to blog about is a good thing! I hope all goes well on your trip.

Heddy said...

Sounds like you have been busy ... any pics of the socks / (I am a bit of a sock voyeur!)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I am so glad you posted. I check on a regular basis!