Friday, August 31

about the walkway

First of all, thank you for all the nice comments about our walkway. Hubby is pleased that people like it.

There are 201 puzzle pieces in the walkway.

Back in June we were at the local Pharmasave store, and saw 2 cement puzzle pieces there. Decorated stepping stones. Hubby liked them, but we weren't about to pay $20/stone for enough stones to do our walkway!!

So he thought, and he came up with a way to make them himself. He created enough puzzle edge pieces that he could form 6 pieces at one time. The forms were held in place on a piece of wood. Started on June 17th, finished mid August. Thank goodness my brother has a cement mixer we could borrow!

Some of the blocks have hand prints on them, one is painted, a couple have beachglass on them. One has Katie's foot prints on it.

And now I have to go hunt for a library book that is hiding.

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lexa said...

He did a wonderful job on the walkway! I love it!