Tuesday, September 4

What to knit??

I just finished a pair of feather and fan socks for me. (pictures tomorrow, hopefully). Have enough of the yarn left over to do my daughter a pair of socks. I just don't know what pattern I want to use. I'd like something with a little bit of pattern on the cuff. But a short cuff. Not the basic K1P2 cuff and leg that I normally do. I'll have to surf and see what I can find out there that I like. Problem is that most of them are adult size, not girl sized ... and I'm not sure I can mentally adjust the pattern.

I learned something new!! I learned how to make a pie crust :) I'm so proud of me. Both kids have told me how good my pie crusts are. I made hubby an apple pie for dessert tonight ... of course he had to go out to work sooner than he planned and hasn't had a piece yet. The rest of us, on the other hand, have all had a piece.

Friends of our got an exchange student on the weekend. Tony is from Columbia. We met him last night at a BBQ/marshmallow roast that we had. Seems like a nice guy. Quiet ... but I suspect that is because he had just met us and was a little bit shy.

guess that's it for now.

ADDED Sept 5th
OK, so I decided what to knit for Katie's socks. She told Dad that she thought it would be neat if she and Mommy had matching socks. I played around for an hour last night trying to get the feather and fan pattern to work on 54 stitches, and just couldn't do it. So I played some more. The final pattern is divided over 3 needles; 13, 28, 13. The 13 needles are k1p1. The 28 needles is k5, k2tog (3 times), yok1 (6 times), k2tog (3 times), k5. Then there are 3 rows where the 28 stitch needle is just knit, while the k1p1 continues on the other needles. This places a feather and fan row down the top of her foot. Just finished the guesset on the first sock, and it's looking pretty good. I designed a sock pattern!!! :) YAY ME!! I'm going to wait until I get her socks done, then I'll post of picture of the "Mommy and Me" socks.

We're going to the kids schools a little later on to drop off their supplies for the year. I like to do it the day before so they have less to lug on the first day of school. Especially Katie as she has a rubbermaid container to take with her.

If you ask Troy if he's excited to go to school, he'll look at you and say "high school" ... he doesn't go to school, he goes to high school. :) A part of the syndrome that he has makes toilet taining an issue - I'm proud to announce he is using the washroom now!!! YAY TROY!!


Mary Anne said...

Yay for you with the pie crusts, Dorothy. I never did learn how to make one.

Donna said...

Congrats on the pie crust and on Troy's achievement! I have never been able to do pie crusts and at this stage in life, never intend to start!

Jennifer said...

Yay Troy!