Tuesday, September 18

Back in the Routine

School is back in, and we're getting into the routine of things.

Troy is waking up between 6 - 6:30; he has to be up by 6:30 to have any hopes at all of getting him on the bus. Bus goes at 7:25. Getting up that early with him means that I have lunches made up earlier, and am able to sit and relax for a while before Katie goes to school. She's getting up earlier too, which means she isn't as rushed in the morning.

I've been knitting socks. Last Saturday I started a pair of wool socks for my friends Columbian exchange student, finished them Friday evening. His birthday was Friday. Yeah, cut it close, but they were done in time! Also have knit a pair of little girl socks and almost one single little girls sock for another lady - getting paid for these ones :) Want to do a few little pairs up for the Christmas craft sale in November - if they don't sell then Mary will get them.

I think I decided what to make my friend Mary Anne for Christmas. But, can't tell you what it is because she reads this. I have to do a swatch first and see if the yarn and the pattern get along together or not.

Today was my first day volunteering in the school library. Well, my first day this year, not my first day ever. Just two classes. Kim and I are working together this year, she's very nice.

Should go and get a snack ready for Troy when he gets home from school. Made some fruit filled muffins this morning - they are yummy.


lexa said...

The muffins sound very good! I have a recipe for cheesecake muffins, which is basically any muffin recipe. In the middle goes cream cheese and icing sugar mixed together, a dab of that and a dab of whatever flavoured jam you want. They're really good.

My Oldest One's bus isn't supposed to arrive til 8:35, but the past two mornings she's been there before 8:30. (Funny cuz the notice they sent home said if the kids were being driven to school not to come before 8:40 cuz there's no supervision til then.) He and another kid on the street missed the bus yesterday. I had to drive him. Now I have to make sure he's out the door before 8:25.

Mary Anne said...

Fruit filled muffins sounds so yummy. and yes, I think you should tell everyone what you are making Mary Anne for Christmas, right now ^.^ heehee

Jennifer said...

So do we get to see a picture of the prize winning whirligig?

And your's too.
: )