Thursday, October 29

Pay It Forward

I recently agreed to take part in a Pay it Forward exchange. It's a pretty neat idea: you can receive a personal, handmade gift from a talented crafter, and all you have to do is "pay it forward" by agreeing to do the same for three people.

If you would like to receive a handmade gift from me, and are willing to make and send a handmade gift along to three of your blog readers, please let me know in my comments. Once you accept, you will receive something from me within 365 days. In turn, you will have 365 days to fulfill your end of the bargain.

Fun stuff - giving and receiving!

Tuesday, October 20

Barbie and knitting

I've decided to knit my niece Mary some Barbie clothes for Christmas. So far I've done one poncho and 2 purses. Barbie needs more of a wardrobe than that! :)

I've got clothes patterns in my craft room. And have a couple of sites bookmarked. But am wondering if anyone who reads this might have a favorite site for free online Barbie clothes patterns. If you do, please put a link in my comments for me.

And,if you have nothing else to to do, and you want to knit some to do in her box ... I'll let you.

Thursday, October 15

Another Update

Pro-Show is done, and went very well. We were home mid-afternoon on Sunday - not too bad. But did it ever rain hard Sunday morning!!!

Katie got 2nd place with a leather belt she made, 1st place on some tatting, 2 place in junior poultry judging (we aren't sure how she did that well yet LOL), and 8th place in poultry showmanship. I'm proud of how well she did, considering this is the first time she's had anyone to compete against.

Our whole 4-H club did very well! We had 1 girl go onto the grand championship of judging competition, another go onto the grand championship of showmanship competition, and one of our horse kids got grand champion in 2 events. Unfortunately we weren't in the top 10 clubs point wise ... but we had FUN!

Katie has her team for the Curl for Cancer event on the 7th. Herself, 2 other girls, and my sister. Calling themselves The Fabulous Four, wearing purple tops and pink fuzzy scarves. Now the donation collection for that begins.

I'm knitting on thrummed mittens still. Have the thumb left to do on my second pair. Two craft sales coming up to get ready for.

Also trying to gather up things to put in a Fall Gift Box that the 4-H kids are selling tickets on on the 25th. There's a cruise ship coming in, and there's a whole bunch of stuff being planned for our water front area. Anyway, was looking for a box or basket to put all the goodies in ... when I had the bright idea to ask the prop guy from Moby Dick for a box. So we have a box from that set :)

Busy busy busy ... that's my life in a nutshell!