Tuesday, October 20

Barbie and knitting

I've decided to knit my niece Mary some Barbie clothes for Christmas. So far I've done one poncho and 2 purses. Barbie needs more of a wardrobe than that! :)

I've got clothes patterns in my craft room. And have a couple of sites bookmarked. But am wondering if anyone who reads this might have a favorite site for free online Barbie clothes patterns. If you do, please put a link in my comments for me.

And,if you have nothing else to to do, and you want to knit some to do in her box ... I'll let you.


lexa said...


A friend of mine on Ravelry had this linked on her site last month. Apparently there are more than 900 knitted Barbie patterns for free there.

Mary Anne said...

Barbie clothes - I used to knit Barbie lots of clothes when I was young. Maybe I'll give it a try. What a great idea for Christmas.

Heddy said...

Hi Dorothy -- I am really pleased that you have taken on the Pay it forward challenge I posted on My blog. Send me your mailing details, and I will start seriously stalking you!

My email is tom daht heather at ns daht sympatico dot ca