Tuesday, March 24

Can it be done???

I've got a thought in my head ... and it won't get out!!

Is it possible to knit around a piece of cotton cord? You can buy it in stores, not sure what it's meant for ... something upholestry. Anyway, I'm thinking, if you can knit around one, it would be a neat way to make unique lead lines for Katie to use with her horse.

Don't know why I thought of this ... but I did. And now I know I'm just going to have to go to TimBRMart and buy a piece of the cording so I can try it.

I thought of I-cord, but there's no way to get the cording inside of it. And I-cord alone would be too stretchy (tried to knit a dog leash once). How awkward will it be to knit on 4 needles with the cording in the middle??

Perhaps if I go bang my head on the wall really hard a few times while yelling "GET OUT" the thought will go away???

Wednesday, March 18

Felted Bunny

Is that cute, or what?? I've got Bunny #2 in the washer. #3 will soon be going on my needles. The pattern is from here

It's March Break here, and so far things are going pretty well. Katie is still recovering from pneumonia, so has been keeping somewhat quiet. She and her friend had plans to get together lots over the break - but it's not happening so far. Friday we're going on a shopping trip. This afternoon she went skating with Aunt Nancy and Mary. Troy and I watched.

Guess that's it for now. I lead such a boring life!

Wednesday, March 11


At long last ... a couple of pictures!! :)

This is the order of 4 pairs of thrummed mittens and one hunting hat that I had. Showing the inside of one mitten as well.

Now I'm working on knitting 2 1lb balls of cotton yarn up into dishcloths for the ladies aux. group. Plus I want to start a pair of socks for hubby. And have 3 more pairs of thrummed mittens to do. (they are girls mittens .... looking forward to using pretty colored wool)

Sorry this isn't more exciting.

I don't really like using the roving in them ... gotta find some raw wool or something to use ... any suggestions??