Wednesday, March 11


At long last ... a couple of pictures!! :)

This is the order of 4 pairs of thrummed mittens and one hunting hat that I had. Showing the inside of one mitten as well.

Now I'm working on knitting 2 1lb balls of cotton yarn up into dishcloths for the ladies aux. group. Plus I want to start a pair of socks for hubby. And have 3 more pairs of thrummed mittens to do. (they are girls mittens .... looking forward to using pretty colored wool)

Sorry this isn't more exciting.

I don't really like using the roving in them ... gotta find some raw wool or something to use ... any suggestions??


lexa said...

Those mittens look great! Well done!

What kinda roving is it? We have Briggs & Little in a variety of colors. It's a lot fuzzier than that. $8.95/bag

Jennifer said...

Blue is pretty.
: )

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Know any spinners that might let you browse in their stash? That's what I used when I made my mom's thrums for Christmas (which she never wore, BTW). I bought the roving from someone ETSY store and it was so pretty, now I wish I had kept them for myself.

I do love it when you post. More, please! :)