Friday, September 16


Finally, a picture of some of the finished scarves. There are 3 of the pinkish fuzzy ones, 3 of the red/blue/green/yellow ones and a red potatoe chip scarf that got left downstairs. Sorry, couldn't edit the picture, that program won't work for me :(

So, Mary Anne, which one do you think is yours????

It's a muggy day here. A good day to sit and do nothing. Especially a good day to sit and do nothing when you were up until 2am reading a book! I started Debbie Macombers "The Shop on Blossom Street" and just couldn't put it down. I would say I was going to finish a chapter then stop .. but then something would happen that I just had to keep reading. I cried 3 times. At 2 I finished and went to sleep until 7. Need more sleep.

Sunday is Katie's b-day party. I hope the girls are able to play outside. If not, I'll have to re-think my games to make them good for inside. Or come up with some new games. Shoot! Just remembered I have to make up a treasure hunt for them. Must go do that before Katie gets home from school!!

Tuesday, September 13

Sept 13

Sometimes it's just too hard to come up with a title for this!!

Tomorrow is a big day.

Our baby girl turns 9. Where has the time gone? She has one friend coming over tomorrow after school. We'll have her party on Sunday. She's invited 5 friends to come to her party. Now I need to get busy planning games, buying decorations and prizes. And that goodie bag stuff! (UGH)

Tomorrow my hubby also leaves to go to work in the city for 12 days. That's going to be a loonnnggg 12 days!! That's what he'll be working at.

Today I'm doing some baking for him to take with him. Also doing laundry and ironing so that he'll have clean clothes to take with him. Aren't I a good wife??

Last night was our second obedience class. Flint is getting better; but not much better. He still pulls, especially when there are other dogs or kids around. I wish I could get him to stop that. The instructor says there is hope for him. I hope she is right!

I'm still knitting on scarves. I've got 13 (I think) done so far. Went to take a picture of them yesterday, only to discover that the batteries were dead in the camera. They are re-charging as I type. Tomorrow I'll be able to share a picture of them. Promise. Most of the scarves are for upcoming craft sales. One is making it's way to Mary Anne. The big question is, can she guess which one from the picture?

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take cupcakes into Katie's class for a snack after lunch. I like to do that on the kids birthdays. Elizabeth shared a nice recipe for me. At least it sounds nice. I'll be making the cupcakes after lunch. Elizabeth is coming up Friday morning to help me decorate Katie's b-day cake for Sunday. It'll be a chocolate cake with a horses head on the top of it. I have a horse head mold.

Katie impressed me last night. I left for our obedience class, and she was just starting to knit a scarf with a ball of thick mystery yarn. I got home 1.45 hours later, and she had the whole ball of yarn knit up. It made a short scarf that we added tassels to. It's her Christmas gift for Nannie. Then we cast on a scarf for her to knit for Aunt Sandra; this one is k3,p3 ribbing. Told her she had to do some ribbing to practice her purling.

Must go, gotta pay attention to the cookies.

Tuesday, September 6


tomorrow is the day I've been looking forward to for about half the summer. The kids go back to school :)

We took their scribblers, extra shoes, and such in today. Had a short informal meeting with Troys teacher. Visited with a few other teachers.

Tomorrow morning, at approximately 8:30 they get on the bus.

And what am I doing to celebrate? Going to the dentist at 9:00. Yup, I'm the last of the big time party people! :)

I'm working on a scarf for a young friend of ours. She saw me working on another scarf with the same yarn and told me she thought it was pretty. Then told her mother to check out the cool yarn. So, it'll be mailed to her early in November, and she'll be pleasantly surprised.

Tonight Flint and I start going to obedience classes. He'd better smarten up, or he may never see outside again! He's been barking like a mad-dog all day. And of course, can't leave him outside to bark or the animal control officer will come and give us another warning about him. Hopefully it'll be cooler this evening.

And that's it for today.

Thursday, September 1

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits


It's Sept 1st. On the first day of the month you are supposed to "rabbit" your friends. The first one to do so is supposed to have good luck. Mary Anne rabbited me this morning, I didn't even realize it was the first :)
So, here is a picture of our bunny Oreo. She is a Dutch Dwarf. And a silly girl she is. In this picture she has stuffed her mouth full of hay. Shortly after this picture she spit all the hay out at the other bunny that we used to have. (Hershey, she was a chocolate coloured Netherland Dwarf)

Not much going on here. I haven't knit anything in the last couple of days. Still haven't taken pictures of my scarves. Realized I still have ends to sew in on my scarves. The kids have been driving me crazy; less than a week till they are back in school :)

We're getting some wind and rain today. Thankfully nothing like folks in the States have been getting.

Have a good day!