Thursday, September 1

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits


It's Sept 1st. On the first day of the month you are supposed to "rabbit" your friends. The first one to do so is supposed to have good luck. Mary Anne rabbited me this morning, I didn't even realize it was the first :)
So, here is a picture of our bunny Oreo. She is a Dutch Dwarf. And a silly girl she is. In this picture she has stuffed her mouth full of hay. Shortly after this picture she spit all the hay out at the other bunny that we used to have. (Hershey, she was a chocolate coloured Netherland Dwarf)

Not much going on here. I haven't knit anything in the last couple of days. Still haven't taken pictures of my scarves. Realized I still have ends to sew in on my scarves. The kids have been driving me crazy; less than a week till they are back in school :)

We're getting some wind and rain today. Thankfully nothing like folks in the States have been getting.

Have a good day!

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Mary Anne said...


you realize I had to get up very early to Rabbit you, seeing as how you're 4+ hours ahead of me. So I did suffer for my win :o)

Can't wait to see your scarf photos.
Mary Anne