Friday, September 16


Finally, a picture of some of the finished scarves. There are 3 of the pinkish fuzzy ones, 3 of the red/blue/green/yellow ones and a red potatoe chip scarf that got left downstairs. Sorry, couldn't edit the picture, that program won't work for me :(

So, Mary Anne, which one do you think is yours????

It's a muggy day here. A good day to sit and do nothing. Especially a good day to sit and do nothing when you were up until 2am reading a book! I started Debbie Macombers "The Shop on Blossom Street" and just couldn't put it down. I would say I was going to finish a chapter then stop .. but then something would happen that I just had to keep reading. I cried 3 times. At 2 I finished and went to sleep until 7. Need more sleep.

Sunday is Katie's b-day party. I hope the girls are able to play outside. If not, I'll have to re-think my games to make them good for inside. Or come up with some new games. Shoot! Just remembered I have to make up a treasure hunt for them. Must go do that before Katie gets home from school!!

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