Friday, October 7

Happy Thanksgiving weekend

That's to all the Canadians who read my blog. Heck, I only know of one person who reads my blog, and she is Canadian :) Guess I'm not that popular; but that's OK. Probably doesn't help that I don't share my blog URL very often.

Not much going on here. I have a sore pinky which is making knitting a little bit painful. I did manage to knit a pair of half finger gloves for my sister for her b-day. She liked them, which made me happy. They fit her, which also made me happy!

I picked up a little scarf knitting booklet for myself yesterday; "Simple 1-2-3 Knitting Scarves". Can't say anything else about it, because that one person I know who reads my blog isn't allowed to know anything about it until Christmas. I'll just say that Katie and I have both picked out scarves that we want to make.

We'll be going to my Mom's house on Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother will be BBQ'ing some roasts; which I know will be good. Mom will also cook a meat king that they raised. (another yummy thing). I have to bring the potatoe salad. Mom supplies the meat and the potatoes, we all bring the rest.

Other than that we don't have any plans for the long weekend. Probably just stay at home and do things around the house. Boring!!

Can't think of anything else, I'm getting a headache.

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