Monday, October 24

She's knitting up a storm!

No, not me, my daughter! She finally finished off one scarf that she was working on. And immediately cast on another one, this one will be a gift for one of her cousins for Christmas. I've created a knitting monster :) Mind you, it's a cute little monster.

Lucy Neatby Day was fun. Got to fondle some really nice yarns. Yarns that I know I'll never be able to afford to buy. So I fondled :)

Lucy was very nice. She told me that the picture she had seen of me didn't do me justice. She showed my friends and I how to to do two different types of cast-ons.

I bought myself a set of bamboo needles. And some koigu sock yarn. I really like koigu yarn! But, if it hadn't been on sale I wouldn't have bought it. I was torn between that or a ball of Opal sock yarn.

I started a pair of socks for me that day, but then took them off the needles. I am now using the needles to knit a pair of gloves for Katie.

Went to the craft room last night and decided to play with my sewing machines. One is going out in the garbage tonight; it's dead! The serger is working - for now. My other one isn't working; but I can't throw it out. We bought it, it wasn't given to us, and I can't think of throwing it out. (the other one was a given one) Perhaps I'll have to get a new one as a business expense?

Today I got the glass cut that Katie and I need for some beach glass suncatchers that we are going to make. Now to wait for Dan to get the wood ready for us; it involves the table saw, and I don't use the table saw.

I've cut a few things out on the scroll saw in the last few days. Katie cut out a horse for herself, did most of it herself, and did a pretty good job. She also designed and made (with help from Dad) a cat shelf for my sister for Christmas. It's quite cute! Must take a picture of it.

Tonight is our final obedience class. Evaluation night. I don't think we passed.

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