Monday, November 21

been far to long

since my last post! I must try to be better at posting on this blog! Not that many people read it, but someone might care what I'm up to :)

Since my last post my life has gotten busy. I've been on the board of the Shelburne County Early Childhood Development Associtian for a few years. Last year I was fund raising chair person. Gave that up, and became Admission and Review chair person. That means I have to chair 4-6 meetings a year. No big deal. The SCECDA is a group that I like to support, especially since Troy was involved with them when he was little.

Another group I like to support is the Food Bank. Our food bank closed in July, but is going to re-open in time for Christmas. :) I'm on the board of that as well, as a rep for the Baptist churches in the area. I'm going to be asking each of the three churches to supply certain foods for the foodbank. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. This is a brand new venture for me - and I'm a little "nervous" about it.

Knitting news. Humm. I've got 2 pairs of thrummed mittens done for a craft sale this Saturday. About 1/3 of the first of a third pair done. They'll be done in time for the sale. Lots of new knit scarves for it; well, new to the sale anyway - they were pictured here a while ago.

I got enough sport yarn from Briggs & Little to knit 8 or so pairs of wool socks. Three of those need to be done for Christmas gifts. That's what I'll be working on after Saturday. I'm going to try doing them "two socks on two circs" method. Wish me luck!

There are lots of other things I'd like to have knit for Christmas; but I think I'm going to run out of time/energy before they are all done. Oh well, IOU's make nice gifts too :)

Anyone know what to make for a 22 year old who doesn't really want anything specific? She has lots of scarves, goes bare handed. I have no idea what to give my niece for Christmas!! She only wears socks with Winnie the Pooh on them. Money is always nice I suppose :) She is a university student afterall.

On Dec 3rd Katie is hosting an ornament exchange party in the afternoon. We invited 6 of her friends; so far only 2 have told us that they are coming. Then that evening I'm hosting a party of my own. I have 8 coming to mine. Neither of us know what we are making for our ornament to exchange yet. I have an ornament kit for Katie and her friends to make. No idea what my group of ladies is going to make yet. No game gifts gotten yet either. So much to do, so little time. And, yes, I AM a sucker for punishment!

There, an update. Maybe more tomorrow??

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Mary Anne said...


you are such a busy girl, it's no wonder you don't have time to post much. Congratulations on becoming a board member of your local food bank. I am so proud of you and your willingness to jump in and help others.

I wouldn't worry about the Christmas gifts. As you say, IOU's make great gifts and there's always next Christmas!

For your niece, how about a small gift certificate to a store she likes, tucked in with a box of chocolates or other small present.

Good luck with the '2socks2circs' method!