Tuesday, November 22

another day, another posting

Boy, I'm on a roll :)

It's raining here today. YUCK.

I have some baby sweaters that were given to me - along with a huge garbage bag full of baby yarn. I'm hoping to get them finished off so I can take them to the craft sale with me on Saturday. Finishing things off is not something I like to do. In my dream world little knitting fairies come in the night and do that stuff for me :)

My friend Jan has taken off to Ottawa. She's on her way to the airport now. Her hubby is there finishing off a course, and she is going up to join him for a spouses part, and his graduation. It's a leadership course of sometype. She brought their boys up here to catch the bus this morning, and they'll be here after school to wait for their grandmother to pick them up. She has to come here to get the house key too. Hope she makes it to the airport in time, has a good flight, and enjoys herself.

Since it's raining, and I had to go pick up a few groceries anyway, I went to town and gave Elizabeth a ride to work. She was thrilled. It's the simple things that make people happy. (which I guess means that I'm simple??)

I've got a roast in the crockpot, and am going to attempt a gumdrop cake. A new recipe; hope it turns out OK. I've had one person tell me it's a good recipe, and another person tried it and hers didn't turn out good at all - even her dog wouldn't eat it!

**Edited to add that my cakes turned out great. I've already eaten one little one :) I make little one; 1.5X4 inches or so in size. Individual servings. Or two servings for kids. Great for lunch boxes. For gifts I do a few of this size, or a slightly bigger one. I have enough pans to do 14 little ones. I never had an Easy Bake oven; always wanted one ... so now I bake little things :) Even have little cupcake pans. LOL

And I got invited to another craft sale, on Dec. 10th. Just a small one; 21 tables. I'm going because a friend is going, and we're going to support her daughter. It's the first craft sale being hosted by the Shag Harbour Fire Dept Ladies Aux; and her daughter is the one organizing it.

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