Thursday, April 5

Peer Pressure

You'd think that a woman of my age - and I'm not saying what that is!!! - would be able to resist peer pressure, but you'd be wrong.

I've gone and joined this. Heddy did it, it's all her fault! If I hadn't read about it on her blog I would never have known about it. So, in a way I guess Lexa is to blame as well, because she introduced me to Heddy's blog. But, yes, I know, it's really my own fault because I could have resisted.

But, on the plus side, even if I fail - there's going to be lots of Christmas, birthday and such gifts made while I give it my best shot. Jennifer - what color do you want for your socks??

Oh, incase you couldn't tell, I like the new blogger way of doing links - so much easier on my head!

It's a rainy day, which means an inside lunch. Must find some yarn and my sock needles to start a pair of socks as I walk the hallways.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 4

boring blogger

I've got nothing exciting to tell you about, thus no posts. Sorry.

Most exciting thing is the brown horse in the picture. Midnight Dancer (Dancer) we traded Tiny and got her during March Break. They don't get along as well as it looks like they do in this picture.

I'm baking bagels. Smelling pretty good. Sesame seeds on top.