Friday, April 28


OK, so it's not a good picture. But at least it's a picture! Two pair of socks that hubby has gotten. The grey and green pair he got for Christmas - knit with Briggs & Little Durasport. Accidently went through the dryer, and didn't shrink :) The other pair is knit with bernat sox yarn with Kroy sock yarn on the toe and heel. They haven't been washed yet. He also has a pair knit with the Kroy sock yarn around somewhere.

These are socks that I knit for our ministers daughter. They are moving away this weekend, so they are a farewell gift to her. She's 4, and apparently loves socks that our daughter outgrew and I passed on to her.

Tried to take a picture of my miniature tulip that is in bloom; but it turned out blurry. Will try again when it opens for today. Going to go buy some miniature daffidils in a little while :) Katie and I both have tulips getting ready to open; they aren't very tall though. Today hubby and I bought two trees to go behind where the BBQ is going to go; starting on a bit of a background/privacy area between us and the neighbours. Also picked up 2 little plants for Katies garden, and 2 plants for around our seat in the front yard - won't put them in the dirt yet though. Don't ask me plant names, because I don't know them!

Well, must get some lunch and get ready to go to the school. I'm helping supervise the jumpers this afternoon in the Jump Rope for Heart event. Our school has so many kids taking part they had to do it in two afternoons :)

Have a good one!

Thursday, April 27

Deep Sea Coral

That's what I'm heading to the school to see later on this morning. Deep Sea Coral. There is a display in the school library this morning. I figure it could be interesting to go see.

Another reason for going in early is that the D.A.R.E. Program grad is at 11 this morning, and Troy D. needs a ride in - their son took the program. It's a drug resistance training program - can't remember right now what the letters stand for.

Last night I knit 12 puppets. I think. I was so tired at 10:30 when I was putting things away and getting ready for bed that I can't really remember. Had to stay up that late though (I know, for some folks that isn't late!) because I had to see who went home on American Idol. This is the first season that I'm really interested in seeing who wins; other years I've watched it when there there was nothing else on, this year we are actually planning to watch. I'm not crazy about Paris - but like the 4 that are still left with her. There is something about Paris that I just don't like - I'm not sure what it is.

We are starting to keep our eyes open for a new coffee perk. We have a Melita Mill & Brew that is starting to sound like it might be thinking of dying. We got it at the local Bargain Giant store. We saw them there around Christmas, but they aren't there now. I will ask them to look out back if ours dies!! I love it that much! You put your beans in, you put your water in, you press a button. It grinds the beans and makes a pot of coffee for you. And yes, I know we can get a bean grinder and do it that way, but that is more work.

And now I must go get housework done. Isn't that exciting!!?

Wednesday, April 26

Puppets and stuff

Had a good time last night. Got a little goodie bag and a certificate. And some vegetable seeds. The theme for the night was "Grow", so we are to plant our seeds and watch them grow. Whatever :) the goodie bag contained a "I Volunteer" bracelet, a pin from the town, a magnet and a mini flashlight.

We have 1000 puppets to be taken to the children's hospital. My sisters BIL is taking them back with him on Friday. That'll keep them going for a little while. I'm thinking they must have lost a bunch of their puppet knitters if they keep running out of them.

Had two nice blog readers offer me their scraps of yarn. YEAH to them!! Now to plan a trip to their town to pick them up; it's only about 30 minutes away; but with gas at 120.9/L it makes me want to stay close to home. I know I'm heading down there on May 20th for a riding clinic. Or maybe I can get Jan and Elizabeth to do a shopping trip; with a little detour?

Today is my day in the school library. Just me and the librarian today; the other volunteer can't make it. We'll be busy, but we'll survive.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 25

Volunteer Appreciation

Tonight I get to go to a volunteer appreciation meet and greet thingee. I was nominated as volunteer of the year by the ladies aux. group I am part of. It was my turn - knew last year that it would be my turn this year. So, no big surprise there :) I'll be travelling with our friends Troy and Jan - he got nominated by the Cadets - he helps them with their band stuff.

Hubby bought me a wind chime yesterday. I have told him a few times that I really liked this particular one. So he surprised me with it. What a guy!

Yesterday Flint got neutered. Picked him up from the vet this afternoon. The kids will be sooo happy to have him home.

I've been working on the craft room. Slowly, very slowly, getting things put away where they belong. Hubby told me he wants my stuff out of his workshop ASAP, so I plan to move the boxes back into the craft room, then organize from there.

Dropped off a box to collect yarn donations for finger puppets at our local craft store. Had a lady come in with a bag of small balls for us.

Saturday, April 22


Gotta tell you, this is not a "normal" weekend in our house. It's usually not quite so busy! Thankfully :)

Yesterday we got the retired teachers erved their creamed lobster - they all enjoyed it. I helped out at the hall until time to go to my job, then again after my job. It was nice to have lunch to look forward to - the kids were very energetic!

Today I've decided I'm not going to the hall this morning to help out. But I'll go this evening to help serve and to clean up. It's a turkey supper tonight.

I finished off hubby b-day socks yesterday, and cast on another pair. I think these ones might be to sell. Just need to figurre out what to charge for a pair of wool socks, knit with Briggs & Little Durasport yarn. Any ideas?

Have a digital camera again, so must remember to take pictures of my most recent socks to share.


Bald Eagles check this out, it's really quite neat. It's a pair of bald eagles in BC that are sitting on a nest with 2 eggs in it. If you are watching at the right time you can see the eggs or see the parents switch on the nest. Sometimes takes a while for the images to start coming in.

Thursday, April 20


What a day!!

Was going to spend the morning working on the craft room. After I had a nice cup of coffee and some home made bread toasted for my breakfast.

Kids left for school at 8:35. 8:50 the phone rang. It was a lady from the church hall where the food bank is. There was a lady there who had gotten her days mixed up, thought the food bank was going to be open today, and needed some food. Could I come in and get her some? So, off I went.

Got home at 9:30. Phone rang as soon as I walked in the door. It was the school. They needed someone to go in and check a few kids for lice, could I go in and help. Off I went again - next person on the list lives 25 minutes away from the school; couldn't see her driving all the way in just to do 4 kids!

Then I dropped the truck off to have the brakes fixed, the oil changed, and the tires changed. Walked to my sisters house, went to the craft store, and she drove me to work.

Did a bit of time in the school library, then my lunchtime job. Had bubbles for the kids - what a hit that was!! :)

While waiting for the phone to call the garage to see if the truck was done some Lions ladies showed up, with a seeing eye dog. Everyone was busy, so I showed them to one of the grade 6 classes. I knew they were going to see the grade 6 kids because my friend is sub'ing for a grade 6 class and she had mentioned a seeing eye dog was coming one day. Apparently there is a fund-raising dog walk going on next Sunday. Went back to the office, told the principal where I had taken the Lions and the dog - I started with the right class :)

Called the garage. Truck has a problem with the water pump - needs to be fixed, will be a few more hours. Called hubby. He was on his way home from Yarmouth. Do I get groceries and you pick me up, or get someone to drive me home? Call my sister to pick me up and take me home. Other sister follows us because she has money for Katie for the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser she is doing.

Get home, put the dog out, make some coffee. Hubby came home, saddled up horse and left for a trail ride. I cleaned the barn, and feel a bit better now.

I still have to get groceries at some point. Katie has a piano lesson this afternoon. And I'm supposed to go to a food bank meeting at 6:00. Also "supposed" to be at the fire hall at 7 to start preparing things for a catering job tomorrow at lunchtime. Back at the hall tomorrow morning, go to work, go back to the hall for clean-up and my lunch (creamed lobster on toast YUM). Back to the hall in the evening to get ready for a catering job on Saturday evening. Back Sat morning and Sat evening. Possibly back on Sunday morning to make sandwiches for a catering job Sunday afternoon. It's a busy weekend! And I just remembered that there is supposed to be a horse clinic on Sunday; and I don't have us registered for it yet. Next weekend is looking almost as bad!

OK, a highlight of my day? I have fresh clams to deepfry for supper. Yumm.

Monday, April 17

Easter Monday

Why is there no school today??? There should be school today!

The kids had a good Easter. The Easter bunny left them foil covered eggs to hunt for. Katie got a skipping rope, shower gel, socks, pencils and a small chocolate bunny. Troy got toy trucks, socks, bubble bath and a chocolate bunny. Then Granny had a chocolate bunny for each of them. Jennifer - Troy's was white chocolate - hope he didn't get yours!

Here is where there should be a picture of Dee and I after our trail ride. See my smile? Of course you don't - I can't find the picture on our computer!! It's there - somewhere! When I find it I'll put it in.

That's basically how my day is going. I'm trying to clean house; the kids are trying to mess house up. I've got a mountain of laundry to work my through.

I still can't knit. It's been a week since I woke up with a sore thumb. It should be feeling better and stronger by now! Think I might have to knit and just bear the pain.

There is a shelving unit in my craft room now. I'm working on getting the trim for it painted. Then hubby will put it on, and a few of the pieces will need more paint on them after that. When they are trimmed then I'll take a picture to share.

Yesterday afternoon was the egg hunt. They hid 835 eggs!! There was about 25-30 kids hunting for them. In the rain. Everyone had fun. Glenna had blankets down on her kitchen floor to protect the tiles. She has a kitchen to drool over; it's beautiful!

Guess that's it until I find that picture. Guess what!! found it :)

Forgot to mention this. On the 8th there was a "Spring into Business" event here; a showcase of women in business. Free stuff, free draws, things to buy, samples, you name it, it was there. I won something! I entered a draw at LinArt Designs booth - the old fashioned rug hooking. And I won this kit :) Comes complete with hook. Might try it later on to see if my thumb will let me do it.

Friday, April 14

Yarn Find

Last night Katie, my sister and myself went to Frenchy's to do some looking. And a little bit of buying. Walked in the door and found some yarn right away. That's a rare treat right there - don't usually find yarn. It's by Ironstone Yarns; English Mohair (NS-MB) 78%mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon. 89 yds per 40g ball. I got a ball of red and a ball of white. Now to come up with a project to knit with it. Any suggestions?

We're trying to make a decision as to if we have a trail ride today or not. It's kind of overcast right now; but the trail ride isn't for 4.5 hours from now. And it does seem to be getting just a little bit brighter. If we don't go today I don't know when we will get the chance.

Tried to knit last night - can't do it. :(

Hubby hopes to get some shelves put up in the craft room this afternoon.

Found a recipe for puppy bagels on line, told Katie we'd make them tomorrow (or today if there is no trail ride). We'll take a couple to the dog of the couple hosting the egg hunt on Sunday - providing they turn out OK. I bought some for Flint on Tuesday, and he loves them.

Guess that's it for today. Kinda boring, just like my life.

Wednesday, April 12

What's new?

Here's a picture of my craft room in progress. You can see my maple slab (I keep wanting to say marble slab) And the new color as opposed to the old color. And the small shelf that is going to hold decorative type things.

I did something to my thumb in my sleep on Sunday night. Did damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in it. Hurt like the dickens Monday morning. Feeling better now. I can use it a bit now without wanting to yell from the pain. It's weak though.

The worst thing about it is that I can't knit.

Today is hubby's b-day. He'll be working until 7ish. I have his cake baking now. The kids gave him some pencils, fake worms for fishing, and some clamps. I had knit a pair of socks for him, and he got one single sock. I'll finish the mate to it when I can.

Went shopping in Yarmouth yesterday. The Easter bunny can come now - I'm ready for him! I can remember when we were kids that we would freeze some grass in the fall, and leave it out for EB. This year we can go pick some fresh grass for him. The kids are invited to an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon. That should be fun. I hope that it won't rain.

I'm also hoping it won't rain on Friday - that's trail ride day. But, it's not sounding too hopeful that it'll be dry. :(

Guess that's it for now

Sunday, April 9

babbling like a brook

Nothing exciting going on here. A bunch of little stuff going on.

My ears have been "echoing" off and on for a few days now. It's gotten worse today. I think the weather changing has something to do with it. I'll be calling first thing in the morning to see if I can get in to see my doctor about it.

Dan and Katie are getting ready to go out fishing. Troy D and one/both of his boys (maybe no boys?) are going along as well. Hope they catch something; and that it comes home cleaned! It's the first fishing trip of the season, and she is very very excited. She's going to drive us crazy until time to go!

My brother raises meat kings each year. They are a chicken raised just for the meat. He's going to raise 10 for us. We'll buy them, and will buy a bag of feed. Plus help when it comes to slaughter time. That'll help with the grocery bill a little bit. And nothing tastes as good as free range chicken. :)

Got 2 dozen eggs from my Mom today. Katie has been eating scrambled eggs like crazy the last few days. She's on #3 for today right now. I cut her off at three/day.

I'm working on another pair of socks for my hubby. It's his b-day on Weds; they may be finished by then. Or they may not be. He knows about them, so it doesn't really matter.

Troy got another b-day present today. A toy truck with beach toys in the back of it. He's having fun playing with it. That boy loves his trucks!

I'm going shopping on Tuesday with a friend. We're going to Yarmouth. Hitting WalMart, Zellers, a dollar store and the SuperStore. The SuperStore has a dollar section in it, and they have some plastic tubs that I want to get for the craft room; only need 70 or so of them. There are two SuperStores that I can get to; between the two of them I should be able to get enough.

Speaking of the craft room, I got another wall and part of the wall around the door painted yesterday. Now for Dan to build the shelves. I'm going to start sorting things out, possibly today.

And that's it for now.

forgot to tell you. I got a little "goodie box" from Mary Anne the other day. Some yarn, enough to knit Katie a little summer top, and some variegated that I'm waiting to tell me what it wants to be. Plus a knitting magazine to dream about knitting projects out of. And a nice facecloth that she knit for me. (and I forgot to thank her for, so I'm doing that now - Thank You!) Looking through my box took a little bit of time while Katie was getting her hair done.

Wednesday, April 5


I couldn't think of a title for today.

Nothing much going on here at all.

Hubby has been working on a wall in the craft room. He fixed up the way the heating pipes were run. Made a big dusty mess in the room. Still has to finish the drywall stuff up, so no point in me doing anything in there until that dust is all finished.

I've knit a pair of socks for our ministers daughter; they'll be her "going away" gift - they are moving the end of the month.

I'm taking Katie to get her hair done on Friday. She thinks she is going for a trim. She is going to be getting highlights - either pink or blue. I'll let her pick the color. Won't tell her until we get there, she'll be so happy!

I've got a craft sale in just over a month; a month and one day actually. Nothing new made for it. Can't get at materials to work on anything new for it. Could be a pretty sad sale! For those who live close enough to possibly come - the sale is May 6th 10 - 3 at the fire dept in Shelburne. My table will have turned bowls, some knitting, some tatting, a little of this and that on it. Can't tell you where the table will be in the hall, because I'm the one who is never in the same spot twice :) Which reminds me, I should call and book my tables!

oh, gotta dash!