Thursday, April 27

Deep Sea Coral

That's what I'm heading to the school to see later on this morning. Deep Sea Coral. There is a display in the school library this morning. I figure it could be interesting to go see.

Another reason for going in early is that the D.A.R.E. Program grad is at 11 this morning, and Troy D. needs a ride in - their son took the program. It's a drug resistance training program - can't remember right now what the letters stand for.

Last night I knit 12 puppets. I think. I was so tired at 10:30 when I was putting things away and getting ready for bed that I can't really remember. Had to stay up that late though (I know, for some folks that isn't late!) because I had to see who went home on American Idol. This is the first season that I'm really interested in seeing who wins; other years I've watched it when there there was nothing else on, this year we are actually planning to watch. I'm not crazy about Paris - but like the 4 that are still left with her. There is something about Paris that I just don't like - I'm not sure what it is.

We are starting to keep our eyes open for a new coffee perk. We have a Melita Mill & Brew that is starting to sound like it might be thinking of dying. We got it at the local Bargain Giant store. We saw them there around Christmas, but they aren't there now. I will ask them to look out back if ours dies!! I love it that much! You put your beans in, you put your water in, you press a button. It grinds the beans and makes a pot of coffee for you. And yes, I know we can get a bean grinder and do it that way, but that is more work.

And now I must go get housework done. Isn't that exciting!!?

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