Thursday, April 20


What a day!!

Was going to spend the morning working on the craft room. After I had a nice cup of coffee and some home made bread toasted for my breakfast.

Kids left for school at 8:35. 8:50 the phone rang. It was a lady from the church hall where the food bank is. There was a lady there who had gotten her days mixed up, thought the food bank was going to be open today, and needed some food. Could I come in and get her some? So, off I went.

Got home at 9:30. Phone rang as soon as I walked in the door. It was the school. They needed someone to go in and check a few kids for lice, could I go in and help. Off I went again - next person on the list lives 25 minutes away from the school; couldn't see her driving all the way in just to do 4 kids!

Then I dropped the truck off to have the brakes fixed, the oil changed, and the tires changed. Walked to my sisters house, went to the craft store, and she drove me to work.

Did a bit of time in the school library, then my lunchtime job. Had bubbles for the kids - what a hit that was!! :)

While waiting for the phone to call the garage to see if the truck was done some Lions ladies showed up, with a seeing eye dog. Everyone was busy, so I showed them to one of the grade 6 classes. I knew they were going to see the grade 6 kids because my friend is sub'ing for a grade 6 class and she had mentioned a seeing eye dog was coming one day. Apparently there is a fund-raising dog walk going on next Sunday. Went back to the office, told the principal where I had taken the Lions and the dog - I started with the right class :)

Called the garage. Truck has a problem with the water pump - needs to be fixed, will be a few more hours. Called hubby. He was on his way home from Yarmouth. Do I get groceries and you pick me up, or get someone to drive me home? Call my sister to pick me up and take me home. Other sister follows us because she has money for Katie for the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser she is doing.

Get home, put the dog out, make some coffee. Hubby came home, saddled up horse and left for a trail ride. I cleaned the barn, and feel a bit better now.

I still have to get groceries at some point. Katie has a piano lesson this afternoon. And I'm supposed to go to a food bank meeting at 6:00. Also "supposed" to be at the fire hall at 7 to start preparing things for a catering job tomorrow at lunchtime. Back at the hall tomorrow morning, go to work, go back to the hall for clean-up and my lunch (creamed lobster on toast YUM). Back to the hall in the evening to get ready for a catering job on Saturday evening. Back Sat morning and Sat evening. Possibly back on Sunday morning to make sandwiches for a catering job Sunday afternoon. It's a busy weekend! And I just remembered that there is supposed to be a horse clinic on Sunday; and I don't have us registered for it yet. Next weekend is looking almost as bad!

OK, a highlight of my day? I have fresh clams to deepfry for supper. Yumm.


lexa said...

Wow! You're a busy beaver! This is my weekend off, and I don't have anything planned except play outside with the kids and knit, of course!

A friend of mine who works in Bridgewater called me tonight to tell me that the yarn shop in Hebbville is closing out. Everything is 50% off. If you get down that way you may want to check it out. I've never been there before. I know she carries DMC floss and cross stitch stuff as well as yarn. It's just past the propane place as you drive through Hebbville going towards Bridgewater on the same side of the road, in case you've never been there!

Jennifer said...

Well what else would creamed lobster be on besides toast?
: ) Well that's how I like it anyway...too bad it wasn't next week.

Donna said...

This is a normal day in your household!? I would say you deserve creamed lobster and clams just to get through it all!