Tuesday, April 25

Volunteer Appreciation

Tonight I get to go to a volunteer appreciation meet and greet thingee. I was nominated as volunteer of the year by the ladies aux. group I am part of. It was my turn - knew last year that it would be my turn this year. So, no big surprise there :) I'll be travelling with our friends Troy and Jan - he got nominated by the Cadets - he helps them with their band stuff.

Hubby bought me a wind chime yesterday. I have told him a few times that I really liked this particular one. So he surprised me with it. What a guy!

Yesterday Flint got neutered. Picked him up from the vet this afternoon. The kids will be sooo happy to have him home.

I've been working on the craft room. Slowly, very slowly, getting things put away where they belong. Hubby told me he wants my stuff out of his workshop ASAP, so I plan to move the boxes back into the craft room, then organize from there.

Dropped off a box to collect yarn donations for finger puppets at our local craft store. Had a lady come in with a bag of small balls for us.


Donna said...

Anytime you need odds and ends I have a ton of them. I tend not to use them up, but I save them anyway. Let me know and you can pick them over and take what you want.

lexa said...

Ditto for me on the odds and ends. I tend to keep everything, even if it isn't enough to really do anything with! I can give my stuff to her, and you could pick it all up in one stop.