Wednesday, April 26

Puppets and stuff

Had a good time last night. Got a little goodie bag and a certificate. And some vegetable seeds. The theme for the night was "Grow", so we are to plant our seeds and watch them grow. Whatever :) the goodie bag contained a "I Volunteer" bracelet, a pin from the town, a magnet and a mini flashlight.

We have 1000 puppets to be taken to the children's hospital. My sisters BIL is taking them back with him on Friday. That'll keep them going for a little while. I'm thinking they must have lost a bunch of their puppet knitters if they keep running out of them.

Had two nice blog readers offer me their scraps of yarn. YEAH to them!! Now to plan a trip to their town to pick them up; it's only about 30 minutes away; but with gas at 120.9/L it makes me want to stay close to home. I know I'm heading down there on May 20th for a riding clinic. Or maybe I can get Jan and Elizabeth to do a shopping trip; with a little detour?

Today is my day in the school library. Just me and the librarian today; the other volunteer can't make it. We'll be busy, but we'll survive.

Have a good one!


Mary Anne said...

it sounds like you had a nice evening. 1000 puppets, that's amazing. I am still saving up my small bits and pieces for you and will send them along in the next package. Hope your day is a great one.
mary anne

lexa said...

My oldest has one of those puppets from September/04 when he had his tonsils and adenoids out. It's still around here somewhere I'm sure! They gave it to him before the operation, and he loved it! Afterwards he was too miserable to care, but he did still play with it when he was feeling better. :)