Friday, April 14

Yarn Find

Last night Katie, my sister and myself went to Frenchy's to do some looking. And a little bit of buying. Walked in the door and found some yarn right away. That's a rare treat right there - don't usually find yarn. It's by Ironstone Yarns; English Mohair (NS-MB) 78%mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon. 89 yds per 40g ball. I got a ball of red and a ball of white. Now to come up with a project to knit with it. Any suggestions?

We're trying to make a decision as to if we have a trail ride today or not. It's kind of overcast right now; but the trail ride isn't for 4.5 hours from now. And it does seem to be getting just a little bit brighter. If we don't go today I don't know when we will get the chance.

Tried to knit last night - can't do it. :(

Hubby hopes to get some shelves put up in the craft room this afternoon.

Found a recipe for puppy bagels on line, told Katie we'd make them tomorrow (or today if there is no trail ride). We'll take a couple to the dog of the couple hosting the egg hunt on Sunday - providing they turn out OK. I bought some for Flint on Tuesday, and he loves them.

Guess that's it for today. Kinda boring, just like my life.


lexa said...

Your craft room is looking good! It will be so nice when it's finished!

It's supposed to clear off later this afternoon and rain Saturday and Sunday, of course, showers til at least Tuesday. I will get caught up on some knitting, I guess!

The stables are just a few streets over from where I live. Shane is a couple of years older than me and used to live down the road from me. The first house I owned was his grandparents', I bought if from his mother and aunt. Anyhoo, I could tell you lots about him, but I'd probably get into trouble! He's a very nice guy. I don't know his wife only to see. She is a lot younger.

Hope you get on your trail ride and have some fun today!

Jennifer said...

Happy Easter!

Hmmm, I commented last week but I don't think it ever showed up - I was even telling you about my weekend craftiness. Anyway last Saturday we decorated pillow cases as a section event, we all have an iron-on group picture so I put a sequin border around the corners of that and then in the corner of the pillow case I sewed on '4th East 05/06'. It's a lot easier to make letters when you have a pattern to follow & aida cloth to use instead of pencil mark on pillow case, but I actually managed to get it pretty straight and even.
: )