Monday, April 17

Easter Monday

Why is there no school today??? There should be school today!

The kids had a good Easter. The Easter bunny left them foil covered eggs to hunt for. Katie got a skipping rope, shower gel, socks, pencils and a small chocolate bunny. Troy got toy trucks, socks, bubble bath and a chocolate bunny. Then Granny had a chocolate bunny for each of them. Jennifer - Troy's was white chocolate - hope he didn't get yours!

Here is where there should be a picture of Dee and I after our trail ride. See my smile? Of course you don't - I can't find the picture on our computer!! It's there - somewhere! When I find it I'll put it in.

That's basically how my day is going. I'm trying to clean house; the kids are trying to mess house up. I've got a mountain of laundry to work my through.

I still can't knit. It's been a week since I woke up with a sore thumb. It should be feeling better and stronger by now! Think I might have to knit and just bear the pain.

There is a shelving unit in my craft room now. I'm working on getting the trim for it painted. Then hubby will put it on, and a few of the pieces will need more paint on them after that. When they are trimmed then I'll take a picture to share.

Yesterday afternoon was the egg hunt. They hid 835 eggs!! There was about 25-30 kids hunting for them. In the rain. Everyone had fun. Glenna had blankets down on her kitchen floor to protect the tiles. She has a kitchen to drool over; it's beautiful!

Guess that's it until I find that picture. Guess what!! found it :)

Forgot to mention this. On the 8th there was a "Spring into Business" event here; a showcase of women in business. Free stuff, free draws, things to buy, samples, you name it, it was there. I won something! I entered a draw at LinArt Designs booth - the old fashioned rug hooking. And I won this kit :) Comes complete with hook. Might try it later on to see if my thumb will let me do it.


Donna said...

Glad to see you all went for the trail ride! It certainly looks as though you had fun.
Can't wait to see the craft room!

Mary Anne said...


the rug hooking kit is gorgeous! Good for you. I'm sorry your knitting thumb is giving you pain though. Hopefully it will heal soon. I love the picture of you and Dee, by the way.

Laura said...

I hope your thumb heals quickly in the coming week....not being able to knit "hurts" too!

Barbara said...

So where do I get a pattern for a willie warmer?? Since you mentioned it and all...