Saturday, April 22


Gotta tell you, this is not a "normal" weekend in our house. It's usually not quite so busy! Thankfully :)

Yesterday we got the retired teachers erved their creamed lobster - they all enjoyed it. I helped out at the hall until time to go to my job, then again after my job. It was nice to have lunch to look forward to - the kids were very energetic!

Today I've decided I'm not going to the hall this morning to help out. But I'll go this evening to help serve and to clean up. It's a turkey supper tonight.

I finished off hubby b-day socks yesterday, and cast on another pair. I think these ones might be to sell. Just need to figurre out what to charge for a pair of wool socks, knit with Briggs & Little Durasport yarn. Any ideas?

Have a digital camera again, so must remember to take pictures of my most recent socks to share.


Bald Eagles check this out, it's really quite neat. It's a pair of bald eagles in BC that are sitting on a nest with 2 eggs in it. If you are watching at the right time you can see the eggs or see the parents switch on the nest. Sometimes takes a while for the images to start coming in.

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Mary Anne said...


you've been a busy girl again. I'm not sure what price is considered reasoanble for a pair of socks. I've paid $45 for a pair for K.

I love the eagle cam and watch it any chance I get. Just hope I get to see the babies.