Friday, April 28


OK, so it's not a good picture. But at least it's a picture! Two pair of socks that hubby has gotten. The grey and green pair he got for Christmas - knit with Briggs & Little Durasport. Accidently went through the dryer, and didn't shrink :) The other pair is knit with bernat sox yarn with Kroy sock yarn on the toe and heel. They haven't been washed yet. He also has a pair knit with the Kroy sock yarn around somewhere.

These are socks that I knit for our ministers daughter. They are moving away this weekend, so they are a farewell gift to her. She's 4, and apparently loves socks that our daughter outgrew and I passed on to her.

Tried to take a picture of my miniature tulip that is in bloom; but it turned out blurry. Will try again when it opens for today. Going to go buy some miniature daffidils in a little while :) Katie and I both have tulips getting ready to open; they aren't very tall though. Today hubby and I bought two trees to go behind where the BBQ is going to go; starting on a bit of a background/privacy area between us and the neighbours. Also picked up 2 little plants for Katies garden, and 2 plants for around our seat in the front yard - won't put them in the dirt yet though. Don't ask me plant names, because I don't know them!

Well, must get some lunch and get ready to go to the school. I'm helping supervise the jumpers this afternoon in the Jump Rope for Heart event. Our school has so many kids taking part they had to do it in two afternoons :)

Have a good one!


Mary Anne said...

those socks are beautiful! Well done, kiddo.

I hope the Jumping event goes well and everyone has fun.

Laura said...

Good job on the socks, Dorothy! :) How nice of you to knit a pair for your neighbor's little girl too!

Donna said...

The socks look great! I'll bet your hubby loves them!!