Sunday, April 9

babbling like a brook

Nothing exciting going on here. A bunch of little stuff going on.

My ears have been "echoing" off and on for a few days now. It's gotten worse today. I think the weather changing has something to do with it. I'll be calling first thing in the morning to see if I can get in to see my doctor about it.

Dan and Katie are getting ready to go out fishing. Troy D and one/both of his boys (maybe no boys?) are going along as well. Hope they catch something; and that it comes home cleaned! It's the first fishing trip of the season, and she is very very excited. She's going to drive us crazy until time to go!

My brother raises meat kings each year. They are a chicken raised just for the meat. He's going to raise 10 for us. We'll buy them, and will buy a bag of feed. Plus help when it comes to slaughter time. That'll help with the grocery bill a little bit. And nothing tastes as good as free range chicken. :)

Got 2 dozen eggs from my Mom today. Katie has been eating scrambled eggs like crazy the last few days. She's on #3 for today right now. I cut her off at three/day.

I'm working on another pair of socks for my hubby. It's his b-day on Weds; they may be finished by then. Or they may not be. He knows about them, so it doesn't really matter.

Troy got another b-day present today. A toy truck with beach toys in the back of it. He's having fun playing with it. That boy loves his trucks!

I'm going shopping on Tuesday with a friend. We're going to Yarmouth. Hitting WalMart, Zellers, a dollar store and the SuperStore. The SuperStore has a dollar section in it, and they have some plastic tubs that I want to get for the craft room; only need 70 or so of them. There are two SuperStores that I can get to; between the two of them I should be able to get enough.

Speaking of the craft room, I got another wall and part of the wall around the door painted yesterday. Now for Dan to build the shelves. I'm going to start sorting things out, possibly today.

And that's it for now.

forgot to tell you. I got a little "goodie box" from Mary Anne the other day. Some yarn, enough to knit Katie a little summer top, and some variegated that I'm waiting to tell me what it wants to be. Plus a knitting magazine to dream about knitting projects out of. And a nice facecloth that she knit for me. (and I forgot to thank her for, so I'm doing that now - Thank You!) Looking through my box took a little bit of time while Katie was getting her hair done.


Laura said...

Oh you lucky person, you, getting a goody box of yarn, etc. in the mail....I think that's so great..enjoy!

Mary Anne said...


I just got here. Hope all is well and I'm so happy you enjoyed your goodie box!

Hope you get to shop today.