Wednesday, April 5


I couldn't think of a title for today.

Nothing much going on here at all.

Hubby has been working on a wall in the craft room. He fixed up the way the heating pipes were run. Made a big dusty mess in the room. Still has to finish the drywall stuff up, so no point in me doing anything in there until that dust is all finished.

I've knit a pair of socks for our ministers daughter; they'll be her "going away" gift - they are moving the end of the month.

I'm taking Katie to get her hair done on Friday. She thinks she is going for a trim. She is going to be getting highlights - either pink or blue. I'll let her pick the color. Won't tell her until we get there, she'll be so happy!

I've got a craft sale in just over a month; a month and one day actually. Nothing new made for it. Can't get at materials to work on anything new for it. Could be a pretty sad sale! For those who live close enough to possibly come - the sale is May 6th 10 - 3 at the fire dept in Shelburne. My table will have turned bowls, some knitting, some tatting, a little of this and that on it. Can't tell you where the table will be in the hall, because I'm the one who is never in the same spot twice :) Which reminds me, I should call and book my tables!

oh, gotta dash!

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