Wednesday, August 18

78 Days and Counting Down

Found out yesterday that I am making a trip in November.

I'm heading to the 4-H National Leaders Conference in Toronto. :) Expenses paid :)

Leave on a Weds, come back on Sunday. Will be attending seminars/talks/sessions while there. Meeting new people. Hopefully making new friends.

Will also be going the the CN Tower, the John Deere plant, a dinner theater and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I could be exhausted when I get home!

Tuesday, August 17

Exhibition is over - next up Pro-Show

Remember in that last post where I sillyingly posted that we didn't have to take our horse to Pro-Show. I was WRONG! The two girls who got to go on to Pro-Show decided that they don't want to go. So now Katie is doing Showmanship, Jr. Western Pleasure, Jr. Western Equitation and Jr. Western Reining. I'm hoping we'll be able to trailer with someone else. We have 2, possibly 3 horses going from our club. If only 2 go, I'm good to go with her, but if 3 go ... I have to haul the trailer ... which means asking hubby to go with me.

Oh well, I'm happy she gets to go.

No suggestions on what to do with that llama fleece if I am lucky enough to get it.

Friday, August 13

A question

If you were given a llama fleece ... where would you take/send it to be washed/carded/spun into yarn? How much yarn do you get from one fleece? Would it be worth my time?

Exhibition is going well.

Katie's shirt that she made in 4-H is going to pro-show. Which is OK with her (now) since she doesn't have to take the horse to ride there (again) this year. She does go on for showmanship - but has wisely decided it wouldn't be wise to haul the horse to Truro for one show. Lots of other 4-H items from here heading to Pro-Show. So impressed with our club!!

Katie hasn't been doing as well as she hoped to be doing in the riding classes - but she has some tough competition. She's enjoying herself, and that is what matters.

Tuesday, August 10

Exhibition Week

It's Tuesday morning, 5:15am ... and thanks to thunder and lightening I'm up. Not fully awake, but up. UGH!

In about 2 hours Katie and I head to the exhibition grounds. Today is day one of the local ex. She has some horse events to do today, and some 4-H events to do. And possibly a parade tonight ... they won't have it if the rain doesn't let up.

By the sounds of the rain coming down out there, there can't be much left up in the sky to come down!! (Oh, on netbook ... battery operated ... not using computer in the lightening)

Yesterday was our 4-H Achievement Day. Plus 4-H light horse events and dog events. Today the kids will do their various competitions, and th poultry kids will judge and do showmanship.

It's going to be a long and busy week. Hopefully it'll be a good week though. I just wish I could get more sleep.