Tuesday, August 17

Exhibition is over - next up Pro-Show

Remember in that last post where I sillyingly posted that we didn't have to take our horse to Pro-Show. I was WRONG! The two girls who got to go on to Pro-Show decided that they don't want to go. So now Katie is doing Showmanship, Jr. Western Pleasure, Jr. Western Equitation and Jr. Western Reining. I'm hoping we'll be able to trailer with someone else. We have 2, possibly 3 horses going from our club. If only 2 go, I'm good to go with her, but if 3 go ... I have to haul the trailer ... which means asking hubby to go with me.

Oh well, I'm happy she gets to go.

No suggestions on what to do with that llama fleece if I am lucky enough to get it.

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Jennifer said...

Well if I was given llama fleece (I don't know why I would be) I would give it to you... so I guess I'm not much help.
: )