Friday, August 13

A question

If you were given a llama fleece ... where would you take/send it to be washed/carded/spun into yarn? How much yarn do you get from one fleece? Would it be worth my time?

Exhibition is going well.

Katie's shirt that she made in 4-H is going to pro-show. Which is OK with her (now) since she doesn't have to take the horse to ride there (again) this year. She does go on for showmanship - but has wisely decided it wouldn't be wise to haul the horse to Truro for one show. Lots of other 4-H items from here heading to Pro-Show. So impressed with our club!!

Katie hasn't been doing as well as she hoped to be doing in the riding classes - but she has some tough competition. She's enjoying herself, and that is what matters.

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