Wednesday, December 28


It's over!!

The tree is down, the "mess" is cleaned up, the presents are put away. Time to relax and not have a tree in my way.

Don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. But that tree was just taking up too much space in our living room!

The tree is now being eaten by the ponies. I kid you not!

I'm working on the second pair of socks for my brother. He liked the first pair, and they fit just right. Wish I had remembered to measure them :) I think I have to knit a pair for his BIL for Christmas next year - his wife asked me how much they would be. When I get his done I'll be knitting a pair of socks for ME! With some yarn that I was given for Christmas; Rodeo colorway, can't think of the brand name right now.

I got a new mixer for Christmas. Hubby asked me not to break this one within 6 months. I'm hard on mixers. I think you should be able to blend soft margarine and sugar together with one - am I wrong for thinking that?? And one that I broke it wasn't really me, it was our son, because he dropped it. It just happened to be discovered to be broken while I was holding it. And the last one was second hand when I got it - so it was closer to dying than a new one would have been! Yup, I killed 3 mixers in the last year.

I'm kinda tired and cranky today. Hubby has a cold, and he's been coughing at night. It keeps me awake. So it's all his fault.

I think all the knit Christmas gifts I gave were well received. No one has complained about them anyway. Of course, I haven't heard a thing from my SIL, so maybe she and her hubby didn't like their scarves??


Wednesday, December 21

Dec 21

Not many more days to go till THE BIG DAY!

Katie had a friend over last night; they were up till about 10:30 ish; then up again about 7:30. I think I'll have a tired, cranky girl on my hands tonight. Yippy, just what I needed.

My hand is still feeling naked, but I'm starting to get a little bit used to it. sniff sniff

Last night I finished off my brothers socks! There was a little bit of happy dancin' going on at 11 last night.

That's it, my Christmas knitting is done. Can't be true. Must be something I have to work on. Gotta be! I could finish off the pair of socks that were too small and give them to hubby I suppose. He'd like that.

I was going to knit a bucket hat for my niece, but gave her a scarf out of my stash instead. Katie does want a pair of thrummed mittens. And she wants a bucket hat - not that she would take off her pony club hat to wear it.

So, today is the first day of the kids Christmas vacation. What am I supposed to do with them?? Thankfully the weather appears like it might be halfways decent, so they can go outside and play. Hopefully!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19

I'm bummed

For our second Christmas Dan got me a ruby ring.
Ruby is my birthstone.
I saw the ring, fell in love, and he bought it for me.
Today I lost the ruby out of the ring.
I'm so upset.
My hand feels naked.

Friday, December 16

Less than 10 days to go

And I have about .5" and then the toe to go on the first sock of a pair. I'll get them done, I know I will. I hope :)

Today I'm going to my sisters and then we are taking our Mom to do her shopping.

Our local grocery store has a contest for kids 12 and under. They have a blue lobster. The kids get to name the lobster. The name that is chosen wins a $10 gift certificate to a video rental store. Katie would rather have the lobster to eat. That's my girl!!! Katie put in Buster the Blue.

Stitches are starting to itch; is that a good sign?? I hope so!

Tomorrow morning I have to be at the grocery store for 9:00. The local ambulance and police folks are doing a food drive for the food bank - their goal is to fill a vehicle with donations. I'm the food bank rep there for the first hour. Today one of the real estate agents in town is going to match any donations that come into their office. I'm proud of our town and how they support our local food bank.

Thursday, December 15


so much for that posting roll I was on. I tried, I really did. Well, sort of :)

I'm working on a pair of socks for my brother for Christmas. Had one pair 3/4 done, when I discovered that they are going to be way too small for him. So had to start over again from the very beginning. Now I have the first sock about 3/4 done. Should have the pair done for Christmas - although I did want to do him 2 pair. I'll put in a note that tells him the second pair will come after I see how the first pair fits. Yeah .. that was my plan all along. Wasn't it??

The socks that are too small for him will be finished after Christmas and given to my hubby. They fit him perfectly. Figures.

Christmas is coming much too quickly for my liking. But, there's nothing I can do to stop the progress of time, right?

I have to seam up a pair of slippers for Troy to take to school for his good friend there. She takes care of him when they are in class; makes sure he has what he needs. Outside she makes sure he has someone to play with, and will come and get me if he needs me. She's a good friend for him to have. I was working on some green/white/yellow variegated socks on rainy days at the school, and she was interested in them - so she'll get a pair. Today was an inside day (it was too cold to be outside playing) and she looked for Troy to get him to go and play with her in their classroom. Thank God for girls like her!!

I also have to get two gifts ready for the names that each kid drew in their class. $5 gifts for boys. No idea what to get them! I'm sure I'll find something tonight when I go out shopping. PLEASE!!

Monday night we have a school concert to go to. It was supposed to be this past Tuesday night, but it got postponed because of snow. Tuesday is the kids last day of school. Then it's just 5 days till Christmas.

The 22nd I have to go to Bridgewater for a check-up on my leg. A chance to do some last minute shopping - if I'm brave enough to tackle the stores with two kids in tow.

Oh yes, my leg. On Friday I had my varicose veins stripped. Got storm stayed in Bridgewater over night. Spent the night at a friends house; which was beautifully decorated for Christmas. We stayed at my friend Elizabeths MIL's house.

Guess that's it for now.

Tuesday, November 22

another day, another posting

Boy, I'm on a roll :)

It's raining here today. YUCK.

I have some baby sweaters that were given to me - along with a huge garbage bag full of baby yarn. I'm hoping to get them finished off so I can take them to the craft sale with me on Saturday. Finishing things off is not something I like to do. In my dream world little knitting fairies come in the night and do that stuff for me :)

My friend Jan has taken off to Ottawa. She's on her way to the airport now. Her hubby is there finishing off a course, and she is going up to join him for a spouses part, and his graduation. It's a leadership course of sometype. She brought their boys up here to catch the bus this morning, and they'll be here after school to wait for their grandmother to pick them up. She has to come here to get the house key too. Hope she makes it to the airport in time, has a good flight, and enjoys herself.

Since it's raining, and I had to go pick up a few groceries anyway, I went to town and gave Elizabeth a ride to work. She was thrilled. It's the simple things that make people happy. (which I guess means that I'm simple??)

I've got a roast in the crockpot, and am going to attempt a gumdrop cake. A new recipe; hope it turns out OK. I've had one person tell me it's a good recipe, and another person tried it and hers didn't turn out good at all - even her dog wouldn't eat it!

**Edited to add that my cakes turned out great. I've already eaten one little one :) I make little one; 1.5X4 inches or so in size. Individual servings. Or two servings for kids. Great for lunch boxes. For gifts I do a few of this size, or a slightly bigger one. I have enough pans to do 14 little ones. I never had an Easy Bake oven; always wanted one ... so now I bake little things :) Even have little cupcake pans. LOL

And I got invited to another craft sale, on Dec. 10th. Just a small one; 21 tables. I'm going because a friend is going, and we're going to support her daughter. It's the first craft sale being hosted by the Shag Harbour Fire Dept Ladies Aux; and her daughter is the one organizing it.

Monday, November 21

been far to long

since my last post! I must try to be better at posting on this blog! Not that many people read it, but someone might care what I'm up to :)

Since my last post my life has gotten busy. I've been on the board of the Shelburne County Early Childhood Development Associtian for a few years. Last year I was fund raising chair person. Gave that up, and became Admission and Review chair person. That means I have to chair 4-6 meetings a year. No big deal. The SCECDA is a group that I like to support, especially since Troy was involved with them when he was little.

Another group I like to support is the Food Bank. Our food bank closed in July, but is going to re-open in time for Christmas. :) I'm on the board of that as well, as a rep for the Baptist churches in the area. I'm going to be asking each of the three churches to supply certain foods for the foodbank. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. This is a brand new venture for me - and I'm a little "nervous" about it.

Knitting news. Humm. I've got 2 pairs of thrummed mittens done for a craft sale this Saturday. About 1/3 of the first of a third pair done. They'll be done in time for the sale. Lots of new knit scarves for it; well, new to the sale anyway - they were pictured here a while ago.

I got enough sport yarn from Briggs & Little to knit 8 or so pairs of wool socks. Three of those need to be done for Christmas gifts. That's what I'll be working on after Saturday. I'm going to try doing them "two socks on two circs" method. Wish me luck!

There are lots of other things I'd like to have knit for Christmas; but I think I'm going to run out of time/energy before they are all done. Oh well, IOU's make nice gifts too :)

Anyone know what to make for a 22 year old who doesn't really want anything specific? She has lots of scarves, goes bare handed. I have no idea what to give my niece for Christmas!! She only wears socks with Winnie the Pooh on them. Money is always nice I suppose :) She is a university student afterall.

On Dec 3rd Katie is hosting an ornament exchange party in the afternoon. We invited 6 of her friends; so far only 2 have told us that they are coming. Then that evening I'm hosting a party of my own. I have 8 coming to mine. Neither of us know what we are making for our ornament to exchange yet. I have an ornament kit for Katie and her friends to make. No idea what my group of ladies is going to make yet. No game gifts gotten yet either. So much to do, so little time. And, yes, I AM a sucker for punishment!

There, an update. Maybe more tomorrow??

Monday, October 24

She's knitting up a storm!

No, not me, my daughter! She finally finished off one scarf that she was working on. And immediately cast on another one, this one will be a gift for one of her cousins for Christmas. I've created a knitting monster :) Mind you, it's a cute little monster.

Lucy Neatby Day was fun. Got to fondle some really nice yarns. Yarns that I know I'll never be able to afford to buy. So I fondled :)

Lucy was very nice. She told me that the picture she had seen of me didn't do me justice. She showed my friends and I how to to do two different types of cast-ons.

I bought myself a set of bamboo needles. And some koigu sock yarn. I really like koigu yarn! But, if it hadn't been on sale I wouldn't have bought it. I was torn between that or a ball of Opal sock yarn.

I started a pair of socks for me that day, but then took them off the needles. I am now using the needles to knit a pair of gloves for Katie.

Went to the craft room last night and decided to play with my sewing machines. One is going out in the garbage tonight; it's dead! The serger is working - for now. My other one isn't working; but I can't throw it out. We bought it, it wasn't given to us, and I can't think of throwing it out. (the other one was a given one) Perhaps I'll have to get a new one as a business expense?

Today I got the glass cut that Katie and I need for some beach glass suncatchers that we are going to make. Now to wait for Dan to get the wood ready for us; it involves the table saw, and I don't use the table saw.

I've cut a few things out on the scroll saw in the last few days. Katie cut out a horse for herself, did most of it herself, and did a pretty good job. She also designed and made (with help from Dad) a cat shelf for my sister for Christmas. It's quite cute! Must take a picture of it.

Tonight is our final obedience class. Evaluation night. I don't think we passed.

Wednesday, October 19

"Lucy Neatby Day"

All other stuff going on in the world has ceased to matter to me ... well, almost.

I sent my son off to school not feeling the best, with a small money bribe promised, if he would just go to school and stay there until Daddy gets home from work at 1:00. He woke up saying he didn't feel well this morning; but has no fever, and has his normal amount of energy.

I have arranged a sitter for when my hubby has to work this evening.


Because today I get to meet Lucy Neatby!

She is hosting a Knitting Adventure week at White Point Beach Lodge; which is about 45 minutes from my home. It cost too much to go for the week. So, a friend and I (and a friend of hers) are crashing the event today. We'll be there for a mini trade fair that is happening as well.

Lucy is a knitting designer from Nova Scotia. The first time I found her website I fell in love with her designs. I've been told that she is a very nice, down to earth lady. Can't wait to meet her.

Now off to get some work done before I have to go. Work - do I have too????

Sunday, October 16

sock quiz

I found this on another blog, and had to give it a try.

Knee length sock
You quite like socks, but your not overly-obsessed
with them. You would have been a pair of
knee-length socks in any colour, and probably
stripy or something to make you that little bit
more interesting.

What type of sock are you?
brought to you by

Friday, October 14

Knitting my fingers away

That what it seems like I'm doing, anyway.

I have a pair of gloves on the go right now, and a dishcloth, and another dishcloth, and a pair of thrummed mittens, and a shawl, and I'm sure there's something else as well. The gloves are for a friends b-day on the 24th. Thankfully her hubby reminded me about her b-day in time to get them started and finished in time - I think. I'm knitting them out of Bernat Sox yarn, blue in color, on size 3mm needles. I must say, I enjoy knitting fingers. Does that make me strange??

The dishcloths are for a gifts and a swap that I am in. The shawl is for me. Mittens are for a craft sale; I hope to get a few pairs of them done.

I'm ordering some Briggs & Little wool the end of the month; then I'll be knitting socks for Christmas presents for my brother and one nephew.

We harvested our little garden the other day. I just finished blanching and freezing 3 ziplock sandwich baggies of baby carrots - our entire carrot crop. Well, our crop minus the ones that Katie took to the ginuea pig in her class, and the ones that we ate raw. Not a big crop by any means.

Next garden/freezing job is to cook the spaghetti squash and freeze that. We got 10 of them, ranging in size from 3 inches (end-to-end) to 12 inches. Once again, not a big crop, but a crop none the less. We did get quite a few beans and peas that we ate as they came ripe. And quite a few little cucumbers that we are eating as they are.

Oh, forgot about the moebius scarf that I have on the go.

Next Weds is going to be a fun day. There are three of us crashing Lucy Neatby's "Knitting Adventure Retreat". It's being held just 40 minutes from my home; but is way too expensive for me to attend. So we are crashing it. There is also a mini trade fair that day. Hopefully I'll be able to find some money to take with me. Wonder where it would be hiding???

Friday, October 7

Happy Thanksgiving weekend

That's to all the Canadians who read my blog. Heck, I only know of one person who reads my blog, and she is Canadian :) Guess I'm not that popular; but that's OK. Probably doesn't help that I don't share my blog URL very often.

Not much going on here. I have a sore pinky which is making knitting a little bit painful. I did manage to knit a pair of half finger gloves for my sister for her b-day. She liked them, which made me happy. They fit her, which also made me happy!

I picked up a little scarf knitting booklet for myself yesterday; "Simple 1-2-3 Knitting Scarves". Can't say anything else about it, because that one person I know who reads my blog isn't allowed to know anything about it until Christmas. I'll just say that Katie and I have both picked out scarves that we want to make.

We'll be going to my Mom's house on Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother will be BBQ'ing some roasts; which I know will be good. Mom will also cook a meat king that they raised. (another yummy thing). I have to bring the potatoe salad. Mom supplies the meat and the potatoes, we all bring the rest.

Other than that we don't have any plans for the long weekend. Probably just stay at home and do things around the house. Boring!!

Can't think of anything else, I'm getting a headache.

Friday, September 16


Finally, a picture of some of the finished scarves. There are 3 of the pinkish fuzzy ones, 3 of the red/blue/green/yellow ones and a red potatoe chip scarf that got left downstairs. Sorry, couldn't edit the picture, that program won't work for me :(

So, Mary Anne, which one do you think is yours????

It's a muggy day here. A good day to sit and do nothing. Especially a good day to sit and do nothing when you were up until 2am reading a book! I started Debbie Macombers "The Shop on Blossom Street" and just couldn't put it down. I would say I was going to finish a chapter then stop .. but then something would happen that I just had to keep reading. I cried 3 times. At 2 I finished and went to sleep until 7. Need more sleep.

Sunday is Katie's b-day party. I hope the girls are able to play outside. If not, I'll have to re-think my games to make them good for inside. Or come up with some new games. Shoot! Just remembered I have to make up a treasure hunt for them. Must go do that before Katie gets home from school!!

Tuesday, September 13

Sept 13

Sometimes it's just too hard to come up with a title for this!!

Tomorrow is a big day.

Our baby girl turns 9. Where has the time gone? She has one friend coming over tomorrow after school. We'll have her party on Sunday. She's invited 5 friends to come to her party. Now I need to get busy planning games, buying decorations and prizes. And that goodie bag stuff! (UGH)

Tomorrow my hubby also leaves to go to work in the city for 12 days. That's going to be a loonnnggg 12 days!! That's what he'll be working at.

Today I'm doing some baking for him to take with him. Also doing laundry and ironing so that he'll have clean clothes to take with him. Aren't I a good wife??

Last night was our second obedience class. Flint is getting better; but not much better. He still pulls, especially when there are other dogs or kids around. I wish I could get him to stop that. The instructor says there is hope for him. I hope she is right!

I'm still knitting on scarves. I've got 13 (I think) done so far. Went to take a picture of them yesterday, only to discover that the batteries were dead in the camera. They are re-charging as I type. Tomorrow I'll be able to share a picture of them. Promise. Most of the scarves are for upcoming craft sales. One is making it's way to Mary Anne. The big question is, can she guess which one from the picture?

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take cupcakes into Katie's class for a snack after lunch. I like to do that on the kids birthdays. Elizabeth shared a nice recipe for me. At least it sounds nice. I'll be making the cupcakes after lunch. Elizabeth is coming up Friday morning to help me decorate Katie's b-day cake for Sunday. It'll be a chocolate cake with a horses head on the top of it. I have a horse head mold.

Katie impressed me last night. I left for our obedience class, and she was just starting to knit a scarf with a ball of thick mystery yarn. I got home 1.45 hours later, and she had the whole ball of yarn knit up. It made a short scarf that we added tassels to. It's her Christmas gift for Nannie. Then we cast on a scarf for her to knit for Aunt Sandra; this one is k3,p3 ribbing. Told her she had to do some ribbing to practice her purling.

Must go, gotta pay attention to the cookies.

Tuesday, September 6


tomorrow is the day I've been looking forward to for about half the summer. The kids go back to school :)

We took their scribblers, extra shoes, and such in today. Had a short informal meeting with Troys teacher. Visited with a few other teachers.

Tomorrow morning, at approximately 8:30 they get on the bus.

And what am I doing to celebrate? Going to the dentist at 9:00. Yup, I'm the last of the big time party people! :)

I'm working on a scarf for a young friend of ours. She saw me working on another scarf with the same yarn and told me she thought it was pretty. Then told her mother to check out the cool yarn. So, it'll be mailed to her early in November, and she'll be pleasantly surprised.

Tonight Flint and I start going to obedience classes. He'd better smarten up, or he may never see outside again! He's been barking like a mad-dog all day. And of course, can't leave him outside to bark or the animal control officer will come and give us another warning about him. Hopefully it'll be cooler this evening.

And that's it for today.

Thursday, September 1

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits


It's Sept 1st. On the first day of the month you are supposed to "rabbit" your friends. The first one to do so is supposed to have good luck. Mary Anne rabbited me this morning, I didn't even realize it was the first :)
So, here is a picture of our bunny Oreo. She is a Dutch Dwarf. And a silly girl she is. In this picture she has stuffed her mouth full of hay. Shortly after this picture she spit all the hay out at the other bunny that we used to have. (Hershey, she was a chocolate coloured Netherland Dwarf)

Not much going on here. I haven't knit anything in the last couple of days. Still haven't taken pictures of my scarves. Realized I still have ends to sew in on my scarves. The kids have been driving me crazy; less than a week till they are back in school :)

We're getting some wind and rain today. Thankfully nothing like folks in the States have been getting.

Have a good day!

Monday, August 29

Another Hot Day

I'll be so glad when fall and the cooler weather gets here!! Right now I'm listening to crickets, which to me always means that it's a hot day. UGH!! There is a bit of a breeze blowing though, and every once in a while it blows the right way to come in through the windows, and that feels oh so nice.

Friday was our 16 year anniversary. Hubby arranged for Elizabeth to watch the kids for us. We went to Bridgewater and bought school supplies, went out to supper, went to a scarpbooking store, and to an antique shop, then came home again. Got stuck in trafic for 45 minutes in a construction zone on the way home.

At the antique shop we found something we'd love to have, but simply can't afford. A one-horse buggy (the wheeled type) in good condition. The seat would need some work, but that's about it. Would be nice to have to use with Star. Oh well, maybe we'll win the lottery - gotta start buying tickets first though.

Saturday evening we went out in the harbour in our canoe. It was a bit choppy at first, but then when we got out in the harbour more it calmed down. It was nice. We saw some little ducks, and followed them, then they followed us. :) Paddled past yachts from Switzerland, Georgetown, Los Angeles and Alaska. We also got to see some cormorants and a couple of loons (and now I don't mean silly people).

I also got on Star again last night, but she was acting up when Dan was riding her, so I chickened out. She bucked once while he was on her, that was enough to almost send me into tears. Oh well, I know she'll eventually get trained and calm down. And I'll get brave enough to get on her again.

I've got a bunch of scarves done to take to a craft sale the end of next month. I keep meaning to take a picture of them, and then forget to do it. I'll try to do that in the next couple of days, OK Mary Anne?? :)

Only 10 more days till the kids go back to school. YIPPEE!! That means I get to go back to work too. I'm debating if I want to work on the "big kids" side of the playground or not this year. Both my kids are there, but the little kids are so much fun. And so much easier to deal with; usually. I've got all their school supplies bought. Later on this week, or early next, we'll take a trip to the school in the morning and drop their things off; that way they have less to carry on that first day back to school.

And that's it for today

Tuesday, August 23

My Morning

It was a good one, so I thought I'd be nice and share. And also to shock someone with the fact that I posted twice in one day! :)

I went to Elizabeths house with the kids at about 9:30ish. Visited for a bit, then I left them there while I went to the bank. Got my stuff there taken care of. The bank has re-ordered my cheques, which will come to me - hopefully with no typo's this time! Went back to Elizabeths and had coffee and b-day cake with her. (yummy lemon b-day cake). Then she and I left the kids with her daughter and went to the second hand store for a bit. Found a couple of horse show shirts for Katie, a pair of jeans for me, a sweater for me and some yarn. Elizabeth found shirts for her son, and shorts for her hubby. Then we went back to her house for a bit.

It's just so nice to be able to go there and visit. They accept Troy as he is. They have the patience to deal with him. It's really really nice.

Got home at lunch time. I just had such a nice relaxing morning. :)

Of course now Flint is barking and driving me crazy, but that's because there are kids playing in the front yard. We had someone complain about his barking, so I'm not leaving him out as much. Oh the joys of puppyhood. Besides that, it's too hot for a black dog to be outside.

Off to hang clothes out.

To heck with Christmas ...

it's only 3 more sleeps to our 16th wedding anniversary - and I have no gift for Dan!!!! What to do, what to do, what to do????
I have a sock started, I could give it to him, and the yarn, and tell him I'll get it finished. But, they were going to be for Christmas.
Do I suddenly declare this a "gift free" celebration, and suggest we just go out for a meal? Yeah, right, I LIKE gifts!! :)
I could make him his favorite cake, but that's not really a gift anymore. It's more like a bi-weekly treat.

I've got to go to the bank later on. I ordered cheques and deposit books for my business "D & D Creations, Crafts and Woodworking", and the cheques came with a typo on them, and there is no book for the deposit books to go into. Hopefully today will get that taken care of.

Want to go to the kids school and take a few pictures too. Going to be making a book up for Troy; hopefully teach him to read a bit. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but I'll do it. He'll enjoy it anyway. Can't believe he's going into grade 5!

Katie is going into grade 4. She needs to work on her spelling. I should have been doing that all summer - but I'm slack.

Four years ago I had a stomach bacteria. Felt miserable for months. The doctor thought it was my gall bladder for quite a while. Well, I think it's back. Ended up at our local ER on Sunday, thinking I was having appendix pains. I"m on medication, which hopefully will take care of it. If not, I'll have to have my gall bladder ultrasounded. I almost constantly feel like I'm going to throw up. Not fun!

More plesant topic!! Gotta think of on! :)

Can't think of one. sorry

Thursday, August 18

Did you realize

that it is just over 4 months to Christmas?? Many thanks to my Mom for pointing that distressing little tidbit of information to me. Aarggh!! So many things I want to get knit, so little time!! Must get fingers busy!

My list?? 2 pair of wool socks for my brother (have to arrange to get his name when we draw names). Socks for 1 niece and 1 nephew. Scarf for another niece. Socks for 3rd niece?? Second nephew - not sure yet. Have to make something for my Mom, but not sure what yet. Gave her a shrug a couple of years ago; her neighbour (our honourary aunt) really liked it, so would like to make her one for this year. Want to knit a horse sweater for Katie, need to buy yarn for that one. Socks for Troy? Socks for Dan. Guess I had better find a place to buy some sock yarn!! I'm sure there is more on the list!

We've had a lazy day here today. I had a bit of a headache all day, just enough of one to bug me.

I'm knitting a Harry Potter scarf bookmark for a friend of ours. Her b-day is Monday. It's 19 stripes, red and yellow. 15 sts on the needles (5 on each needle), 6 rows to each strip. And I'm using size 1mm (0000) needles! I'm sure she'll love it. And I know I'll have to do one for her sister for her b-day or Christmas - whichever one comes first.

Wednesday, August 17

Late Summer Cleaning??

Katie and 2 of her friends spent yesterday afternoon cleaning her room. At one point there was stuff piled at least 2 feet deep!! This morning one of the girls is back helping her again. Apparently they just need to make the bed then they are done. Yes, her room was a bit of a mess.

I bought a sweater at a second hand store on Sunday. It was knit with that fuzzy yarn that scarves are popular made out of now. So I unraveled it and balled it. Yesterday I started a scarf out of the yarn. Finished it this morning. Threaded on some beads and started a second scarf today. Beads, never used beads in my knitting before, so this was something new to me. Some of them you can't see, others you can. Oh well, it'll add a unique touch to the finished scarf.

I'm starting to think of knitting things for the fall and winter craft sales that I do. Thus the scarves. I want to make a bunch of fingerless mittens too. I have a nice pattern for them - just need to remember where it is :) I remember it was supposed to be knit on 2 needles, but I converted it to 4 needles. I noticed that it was supposed to be 2 needles when I got to the thumb instructions. Guess that proves I don't read ahead in patterns, right?

Had the windshield replaced in our truck this morning. Back in June it got a crack in it. They neglected to tell us that we would have to pay the deductable on our insurance for it. Both of us are sure that the guy in the shop said "no deductable". Oh well.

Got my banking materials for my business yesterday. The cheques have a misprint on them. And there is no nice little fake leather cover for my deposit books. I am not impressed with that. Have to make a trip to the bank tomorrow. Spending what I am on them, I refuse to change the typo on the cheques by hand!

This is a sideways picture of something I made with polymer clay one day. It's a blue face wrapped in a blanket. She has sparkly beads on her blanket, and some feathers over her head. Guess she is some sort of a spirit. Just makes me happy when I wear her. I have a similar pin that is a leather face; I bought that one. The feathers came from budgies that we used to own.

Man I have a hard time gettting pictures to go where I want them to!!

Tuesday, August 16

Still in a bit of a funk

What a busy week we had last week. It was our local exhibition, which meant spending every day at the ex. grounds. The kids rode the pony in events each day.

Troy was in the leadline class, with Dad leading him. It was his first time competing, and we are proud of him for doing it. He didn't win any first place ribbons, but by his reaction to the ribbons he did get you would have thought he had been given $1000! :)

Katie was riding in the youth division. She won high point in the flat
events (non-race events) and high point overall for her division. Here's a picture of her, Dad and Tiny with the blanket that she won. Can't tell by the picture, but the blanket is way too big for Tiny; they bought big sized ones just incase it was the horse in a class that won. It's OK, we'll probably just hang the blanket up to display it anyway, or let our other pony wear it.

Star, our other pony, won Grand Champion halter pony; which means the judge thought she was the best looking pony in the halter classes. That made us feel good.

Now it's time to get the house back to rights after a week of very little housework getting done.

I'm working on another potatoe chip scarf. Can't seem to get motivated to do anything else. There's lots of things I would love to make, but just can't get started. I do have a pattern to knit a sweater for Katie with a horse on the front...need to get that started. In an ideal world I knit one for each of her two friends for Christmas - yeah, right, dream on!

Oh, my Mom's 80th birthday was last Weds. A cousin from NB and one from Alberta (and his wife) came home to surprise her. And she was surprised! They came on Tuesday, and stayed until Sunday. So they had a nice visit. Her party on Weds night was nice too. Quite a few people showed up, and she shed a few tears.

Thought I'd share a picture of a little bear that I made a couple of
years ago. His name is Stewart, and he is about 3.5" tall. Changed
my mind, it's a picture of Stewart and two friends instead.

Tuesday, July 26

Gotta do something!

Ever feel like you have no purpose? I'm having one of those days. What am I here for? Am I here to be a slave for my kids? To hound them daily to clean their rooms? To cook every meal for everyone? Why am I not appreciated? Yup, one of THOSE days!!

Arrgh!! Just had a phone call from a lady who wanted to order 9 of the "squishy band" things that I sell. They are the bands that you soak in water, the crystals inside swell up, and then you wear it around your neck to keep you cool. I have 3 on hand, and can't find the crystals to make any more of them. Grrrr. $72 lost.

That just ads to the rotten-ness of my day.

Perhaps tonight I'll run away and try out Curves. I have three free sessions that I can use. I'll see if Elizabeth can run away with me. I know that Dan wants to the the ponies into the ex. grounds to ride. So I'll have to see what happens.


Monday, July 25

A small break in the heat :)

Today it feels like it is cooler. Could just be my imagination as well. At least there is a breeze today.

Tonight I have family coming over to plan our Mom's 80th b-day party next month. She'll be 80 on Aug 10th. My cousin who lives in Calgary is coming home; but Mom doesn't know. She even called him a while ago to see if he and his wife would be home this summer; and he told her "no". :) Aren't we an evil family? We often have people coming to visit her and stay with her without her knowing about it. You see, if she knows, then she'll go through all sorts of extra work gettting ready for them. Then be too tired to really enjoy them.

We also like to take things on her. I'm sure she thinks she is going crazy now. She has had a "cheater quilt top" for a number of years. Kept saying she was going to get it quilted. Earlier this spring my cousin from NB was here. She quilts, and took the quilt top home with her to do it for Mom. Well, Mom has been trying to find that fabric. She's asked everyone except me about it. I'm thankful she hasn't asked me yet!! My SIL says that yesterday she was looking again, and has decided that an "elf" has taken it. Probably blames me.

Needless to say; family coming = clean house!!

We had the ponies into the exhibition grounds last night to ride for a while. Once again a huge turnout of riders showed up. We got there around 8, and thought that most people would be about done by then; but that's when people started to show up. We've been hearing that there is another shetland in town who looks like our Tiny. Last night we finally got to meet Thunder. A slightly smaller version of our Tiny. Uncanny how much alike they look! The little girl who rides him needs some lessons, and Thunder needs some lessons as well. She and Katie traded ponies for a while last night. Katie taught Thunder a few things, and Tiny taught Brandie a few things. Then when they traded back Brandie was doing much better on Thunder. Her dad had been keeping Thunder on a lead-line, after she rode Tiny he kept the lead-line off. She was riding a distance away from him, and even trotted a bit just before we left. Knowing that she could control Thunder, and knowing that Thunder could be controlled was a huge confidence builder for her. We're hoping to get the two girls together to go for a "trail ride" sometime - we walk along a dirt road that is just down the road from us a bit. Brandies mom was thinking of seeing if she could keep their pony at a place near to here for a few days, to make it easier for the girls to ride, and for Katie to ride Thunder some. I'm going to suggest to her that he comes here to visit for a while.

Not much knitting going on. Did 6 rows on the Peacock Feather Shawl yesterday. Have to get some things done for the Ex in 3 weeks time. Must get motivated!!

Must get the house cleaned up!!!!

Happy Day Everyone!!

Wednesday, July 20


I did it!!!! I posted a picture!!!

This is Star (the brown one) and Tiny (the one with the white mane/tail). Star is about 6 months old in this picture; she's just over 2 years old now. And much bigger. Katie rides Tiny. Star has just started her training.

Oh, this is going to make blogging just sooo much more fun :)

Is there an end to this heat?

It's hot here! Very hot! So hot that sitting still makes a person sweat! Not a day to be doing anything. But, of course, there are things that need to be done. So this person is doing her darnest to avoid doing them :)

My sister and I are taking my kids to the beach this afternoon. We'll walk the beach and look for shells, while they walk along with us and play in the water and cool off. That's my plan. Here's hoping it works!

It's been hot for a few days now, with a fairly high humidex level as well. Not weather that I enjoy. I do hope that they guy who is going to be cutting hay for us has been able to do his on these days! Soon as he gets his done he can do ours when the weather permits - meaning if it doesn't rain.

We had the ponies into our local exhibition grounds to ride last night. We were there for 2 hours. Katie rode Tiny for most of that time. Hubby got on Star for a while. For her first time there, her 4/5th time having him on her she did really well. Only spooked twice. And both of those times were when another girl was on her back. There were quite a few folks there riding last night, 6-10 throughout the evening. We're lucky that we can do that, at some ex. grounds you aren't allowed to go in and use them at your own will.

Not much crafting going on. I'm in the mood to be starting new projects, but not to finish anything. And I'm not allowing myself to start anything else!! I have to got some things finished off! We have the Ex. next month, and I want to have some knit things to put in that. Plus there is a small consignment shop that I want to put some of our stuff into as well.

I have to go tomorrow and re-new my license. That means getting a picture taken! It "officially" expired last Monday; here's hoping there's a grace period for re-newing them! I'd probably fail if I have to take the test over again. Anyway, not looking forward to that picture thing at all!!!

Katie is cleaning her room. She has pushed a small mountain of stuff out of her room and into the hallway. She had me go and move her dresser and her bed; she decided to try to re-arrange things a bit. Now the small moutain is being moved back into her room. Hopefully being put away nice and neatly, where it belongs. And a small foothill of that mountain is moving it's way towards the laundry room. YIPPEE. laundry again.

I decided that I need to learn how to add picture to my blog. Perhaps before the next time I post??

Friday, June 24

too much laundry!!

There are times when I have to wonder where all the laundry comes from. I mean, we're not an overly dirty family, but yet it seems I always have lots of laundry that needs to be done. Yesterday I filled our clothes line. Today it's filled again, and I had one towel too many, so it's lying over the deck railing to dry. We're talking about a 60 foot clothes line being filled. Two days in a row!!!

Granted, two loads yesterday were towels that Troy got dirty while being sick Weds morning. But still!

I did a little bit of knitting yesterday. I'm working on a potatoe chip scarf. Those things are neat!! Mind you, that row with 720 sts is a real bugger! I was working on one of them while at the hospital. Lots of nurses have the pattern now :)

Went to our friends house last night for a BBQ. Planned a surprise b-day party for another friend while we were at it. I am in charge of getting the guest of honour out of they way for a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon. I told her I need help in my craft room... begged her to come and help me.

After supper 4 of us played Dutch Blitz. What a fun game!! I really want to get a copy of it for ourselves to have. If you have played the game "spit" it's very similar to that. Fast paced, and at times dangerous! :) I learned to play it while in college. A few of us would get together at one of the professers houses to play.

I have a b-day coming up next month. Hubby got me an early present - a second hand PDA. I've been wanting one for a while; to keep my schedule straight. Now I want to download knitting patterns and stuff onto it. Gotta learn about it, and start making "Patty" work more.

OH, forgot to mention Katie's socks. I knit her a pair of flip flop socks. They are basically a normal sock, but you stop at the spot where you would start to decrease for the toes. I did a few rows of K1P1 there, then cast them off. I knit a narrow strip that got sewn own to go between her big toe and the next toe; same place the flip flop strap goes. Must finish those and give them to her. She saw a picture of them online and wanted them. And if I could find the link to them now I'd share it with you; but I can't find it.

Off to do more housework. UGH!

Thursday, June 23

I am sooo tired

I just want to lie down and go to sleep.

It's been a long month so far this week. Know what I mean?? Had just too much going on.

Monday we headed to the city. Checked into the hotel, relaxed a bit, went to Troy's dental check-up. Went to pick my friend up at her work, then out to supper with her and did a bit of shopping. Tuesday were at the hospital at 6:15, and left at 4:15. Troy's surgery was 3 hours long. Got home at 8ish.

Up on Weds at 5 with Troy throwing up. To our local ER at 10 for some gravol and tylenol. Then he started to get back to being his normal annoying self.

Had to take Katie to Yarmouth yesterday for an eye exam. A friends daughter stayed home with Troy while she and I took Katie to Yarmouth. 20/20 vision - no glasses :) Yippee!! No longer concerned about the cupping behind her left eye either.

Got interested in some TV show last nigth that I'm not sure what it was. The Insider maybe?? I honestly don't know. It was good. Didn't get over until 11:00. Then I couldn't get to sleep.

Finally got to sleep and at 1:50 I hear our puppy out of his kennel walking around. Boy he's a noisy walker!! Put him back in. The top of his kennel is cracked, and somehow he manages to lift it up enough to get the door to open.

Heard the alarm go off at 7 this morning. Then heard the 7:30 news come on. Slept soundly in between the two.

Managed to get Katie on the bus this morning. I drove Troy in. He didn't want to go into the classroom at all. So his teacher just gave me his report card. Both kids graded :) Katie got the teacher that she wanted for next year. Two of her friends are in the class with her. She's a happy kid. Troy got a good teacher, not that it matters to him.

And I'm exhausted. I start something, then get sidetracked to something else. Like now. I came near the computer because I was going to pick something up and put it away. Sat down and typed this instead.

Better go put whatever it was away. If I can remember what it was.

Sunday, June 19

The Cat Came Back

Two posts in one day!!!

Our cat hadn't been seen since Friday evening. I know I heard her in our bedroom Friday night.

I was starting to think that she got out Saturday morning, and got hit by a car. No body on the side of the road anywhere - yes, I did go looking. I was just starting to get used to thinking that we had no cat, getting over the little bit of sadness.

This evening I went into our bedroom to put some things away, and out walked the cat!! Scared me nearly half to death!!!

She came out, had a bit to eat, used the litterbox, and went back to our bedroom door. So I opened it, and watched to see where she went. Into a little space between the end of a dresser and a wall.

I did notice that she was limping a bit.

This is the second time she has done this to us. Next time she doesn't show up for a couple of days I'm going to have a party!! No more feeling sad because the cat is "missing"!!!

must post more!!!

I think I'm going to have make signs that say "Must Post More" and stick them up all over my house. Then maybe I'll take the time to post. Maybe :)

My knitting needles have been busy. Friday night I started a pair of socks for my son. Finished them Saturday night. Today I started a pair of socks for my daughter. Have one almost ready to start the toe decreases. His were knit with Patons Kroy in a Jacquard colorway. Hers are Bernat Sox yarn. Gotta love kids with little feet!!

I need to round up some small knitting projects to take with me tomorrow. I'm thinking I'll finish her socks, and maybe do a potatoe chip scarf. Mary Anne introduced me to them. They look neat! We'll see what yarn jumps out at me when I go downstairs later on.

Troy (son) and I are heading to the city. He has to go to the children't hospital there for a dental check-up. We're doing some browsing while we are in the city as well. And going out to supper with my friend. Then Tuesday morning we have to be back at the hospital for 6:30. 8 am he goes into the OR to have dental work done. He won't sit still to have the work done. He is booked to be in the OR for two hours; they won't really know how much work is to be done until they get him knocked out.

Here's hoping he's a good boy for me while we are in the city. He and I have never stayed in a hotel together before; it'll be an adventure!

Oh, I've also knit a pair of footees for myself in the last week. LIke I said, needles have been busy.

I want to go though our exhibition entry list and pick out some things to make to enter in that as well. There's not big prize money, but it's fun to enter things. I figure that if people don't enter then categories are going to be dropped. Besides, someone has to knit mittens to give my sister some competition :)

I also have 4200 finger puppets to drop off at the hospital tomorrow. No, I didn't knit them all! There is a small group of us who knit them. I knit them, then pass the "bodies" onto my sister. She or my niece sew them up and put the faces on them. I don't like to do that job.

Can't think of anything else to babble about

Thursday, May 26

time to update

Well, we're still a 2 pony family. The one hubby went to see may have been named Traveler, but he certainly wasn't much of a traveller!! He wouldn't get on the trailer. But they tried for a good long time to get him on! Oh well, wasn't meant to be.

It's been raining here for much too long. I'm sure that I noticed my feet were starting to look like ducks feet this morning! And the ponies seem to be trying to learn how to swim.

We put the extendable leash on the puppy, open the door and let him out to "go". This morning he sat on the steps, looked at me as if to say "I'm not going out in that!". It was pouring!

Thankfully we're not getting it as badly as some areas of Nova Scotia are. A couple of hours away the town has been declared in a state of emergency because roads/bridges etc. are washing out. Our mall parking lot is flooded though - is that an emergency??

As long as the power doesn't go out!

Not much knitting going on. I'm working on finger puppets for the children's hospital. We have 3000 of them finished so far, with my sister and niece working on a bunch more of them. I knit 211 of them over the long weekend.

Supposed to be a horse club fun day this Saturday, can't see that happening. But at least I have the cross stitch done and ready for the kids to raffle off! :)

That's it for today.

Monday, May 16

I've got a secret

So, if you're my kids stop reading!! :) Yeah, right, they don't/can't read my blog. And, if you're my hubby - I HAD to tell someone!!

He is on a 3-4 hour trek to go look at a haflinger pony. If he likes what he sees he's bringing "Traveler" home to us. A couple is giving him away because his home is being sold. Everything we've heard about him has been good. So, we might be becoming a 3 pony family. I figure he'll be home around 11 tonight. Here's hoping Star and Tiny will be nice!

I had the day off work today. I have spent all day puttering around the house. Doing loads of laundry, cleaning up our bedroom, making my daughters bed and sweeping her floor. Actually I swept all the floors. I've got two room totally cleaned up and ready for the MIL's visit on Saturday. Five more rooms (6 if you count the laundry room) to go. I think the bathroom will be the one I hate to clean the most!!

Oh, the name Traveler? The man who owns him is a civil war buff, and Traveler was the name of General Lee's horse. And yes, I knew that without having to look it up on the internet ... guess some of my highschool history stuck with me afterall :)

It's a cold, rainy day here today. A day to stay inside and do stuff. Wish it was nicer so I could take the puppy for a walk though. We are lucky; he's a good puppy. He seems to know that on rainy days he can't get outside, and he nicely sleeps a lot. Which is pretty amazing for a border collie from what we've been told.

Katie's riding lessons for tonight are cancelled. I don't have a ride to get to my foodbank volunteer duty tonight, so am "accidently" going to forget about it. And there is no way I'm walking Katie down the road to where her piano lessons are!! Not in this rain!

And now I'm off to do more work.

Saturday, May 14


and it's still cold out there! Well, sort of cold. It was very cold this morning, then the wind died down some, and it warmed up. Good day for drying clothes outside :)

I have two little people that live in this house. They, for some unknown reason, have not been able to stop talking today. Most annoying!! Especially when they don't have anything really important to say.

No knitting happening yet today. I have 3 projects on the go; the peacock feathers shawl, a hooded scarf and finger puppets.

I got a new knitting book a couple of weeks ago; Funky Knitting. The kids school had a book fair, and it was one of the books for sale. It's a Scholastic book. I've knit a tank top for Katie out of it, and the hooded scarf is out of it. A cute little book. I'm on the second pattern, and have made changes to every pattern I've knit so far. Mind you, it is geared to someone who is a beginner knitter.

It was a sad day for a friend of mine today. Her son was killed in an ATV accident on Tuesday (or was it Weds?). Anyway; the funeral was today. His son is in my son's grade. The whole family is in shock still; she says "it's a bad nightmare, and I'm waiting to wake up". Warm thoughts going out to the Nash family today.

Humm ... what's up with the roller ball on my mouse? It's not working. :( It was working a minute ago, now it's not.

I've got chocolate chip/walnut cookies in the oven. They are good! Can you smell them???

Sunday, May 8

OK So I was growled at

for not posting on my blog more often. So here I go, once again, making an attempt to post more often.

Strange things have been going on. Two folks who I used to have contact with on the internet, then lost contact with, and now realize I missed have contacted me in the past week. Thing is I had looked for contact info on one of them; she called me. The other I looked for her beads on eBay, and she emailed me. (I didn't find her beads though) Anyway - happy to know they are both still around!

What's new?? Shoulders have healed since the fall while carrying Flint outside. He is growing like a weed. Learning a few of the basic commands. We really have to get to work on his obedience.

Had a box of raw fleece gifted to me; 60lbs worth. The box was a well packed box that a 25" TV would have come in. Now to wash it all, comb it all, and get myself geared up to learn to use a drop spindle.

Katie has started her riding lessons again for the seasons. I know she is happy about that.

It's Mother's Day. I got plants for the garden, and breakfast was made for me. Hubby asked me what I was going to do today and I told him "as little as I can get away with." Keeping that goal pretty good so far :)

It's raining here today. Rained here yesterday. Rained here last weekend. Long range forecast is rain again next weekend. Notice a disturbing trend here?? I think rain should be limited to the hours of midnight to 5am. But not in the general area of the people who are delivering newpapers - they can have some sort of force field over them to keep them dry. Yes, I've delivered newspapers in the rain - it's NOT FUN!! Anyway, I think we are going to start to mildew soon. Some yards in town are flooded. Our pony corral is flooded.

I'm going to try to teach myself to play guitar and harmonica. No, not both instruments at the same time!!

There, guess that's it for today.

Sunday, January 23

Snow Snow Go Away

And don't come back another day!

It's been snowing since sometime before 7:00 here. Lots of snow! Weather Canada is forecasting 30-45cm of snow for us. YUCK!

I was out to feed the ponies at about 8:45; now 3 hours later, you can barely tell where I walked. At that point the new snow was almost knee deep on me.

The strange thing is that right now the snow isn't falling down, it's falling sideways. That's how much wind there is.

It's only 15 degrees in the house, and the heat is working as hard as it can. It's that cold! Brrrrrr

So far today I've knit most of one fingerless mitten. Watched quite a bit of TV. Lazed around. Have pizza (bought pre-prepared yesterday) in the oven for lunch. Taking life easy. No where to go, and can't get there anyway.

No call from the hospital cancelling my appts for tomorrow yet, but emails from folks living down that way have let me know that they aren't getting the snow that we are.

Pizza's ready! Hot food YUMMMM

Saturday, January 22

Baby it's cold out there!

-30 at 8:45 in the morning. Too cold for my liking. It's a day to stay inside and knit the day away. Watch movies, drink hot chocolate. Drag my daughter out to a b-day party at 3:30 (hope it's warmer by then!)

I'm sitting here listening to the dog 2 houses down howl like crazy. Poor thing, it's probaby cold. Hope they take it inside soon. I hope it wasn't out all night!

That said, I made sure all of our animals were as snug and comfy as could be last night. The ponies were fed inside, which encouraged them to stay in out of the wind. The bunnies were bundled up with lots of hay for warmth, and extra food for them to eat. The cat was inside; probably laughing at everyone else who was outside :)

Star has frost on her back this morning; but that's a good thing. It means that her body isn't wasting heat trying to melt the frost; but is instead keeping her warm. Tiny has his coat on, so he should be warm. (Star has a coat, she just knows how to take it off)

I finished knitting a "surprise" for a friend of mine. Can't tell you what it is though. But I think she'll like it, especially since she sent me the yarn in the first place. :)

We're due for another snow storm. The third one in about a week. I'm tired of snow!! I'm supposed to go to Halifax for appts on Monday, and to meet "Stitch Witch" but it's sounding like those plans will have to be changed - again. Yup, had to change them last week because of a snow storm. The receptionist from my doctors office called me to confirm this appt and jokingly said she hoped she wasn't talking to me again on this Sunday. Honest, a doctors office that called the day before a storm to cancel an appt - she called me last Sunday! I was shocked! Anyway, she sounds very friendly on the phone.

Today I want to start a new knitting project. Not sure what it will be though. It's got to be something I can work on while the kids are bugging me. I've got no idea. I'll have to look through my patterns and see what I have enough yarn in my stash to make.

Hope it's warmer where you are!!

Wednesday, January 12

WooHoo! I must be on a roll

It's only been 2 days since my last post. What is going on???

Not much exciting in my little world.

I spent a while this morning getting things ready to take to our local hospital ladies aux. for their second hand shop that they run. Cleaning out "unwanted/undeeded stuff". Eventually I'll get there when the shop is open and pick up some needed stuff :)

I'm working away on a pair of socks for my daughter. Almost ready to turn the heel on the second sock. Haven't decided what I'll start after that. I owe a friend a pair of thrummed mittens, so probably those. Have to ask her again what color she wanted. Haven't worked on the peacock feather shawl in a while; have to be in "the zone" to work on that; I'm thinking this evening I may be able to enter that zone.

Puppy owning day is coming closer. Kids are starting to get excited. Hubby is starting to get excited too.

This spring we get to start training our youngest pony to be ridden. In anticipation of that grand event we bought 2 second hand saddles in the past week. Got super good deals on them. Eventually we'll be able to use them. It made sense to buy them at great prices now, then to pay more for them later.

Yesterday afternoon I volunteered in my kids school library. There we were, me and the librarian; both knitting :) She is working on an eyelash scarf for her dauther, me on a sock. She is teaching her daughter to knit. The kids would come in to get their books, and stop and watch us for a bit. Most knew what we were doing; some asked. Some told us that their Granny knit mittens for them. One little girl is going to ask her Nannie to make her a pair of socks, because I showed her the ones I was working on. And, yes, Nannie did call to ask me what yarn I was using; and she is going to be picking some up today.

That's it for today. Boring, right? Sorry.

Monday, January 10

This is why I don't make New Year's Resolutions!

If I had made the resolution to post on my blog more regularly, I'd now be terribly disappointed in myself. So I'm happy I didn't resolve to do that!! I'm sure you wouldn't want me to be disappointed in myself, right?

I have decided to keep a journal of all the knitting I do in 2005 (still trying to get used to that!). I'm amazed at what I have accomplished so far. Two knitted hugs (kinda like a scarf/shawl thing), a moebius scard, finished a pair of socks, started a pair of socks, a Barbie poncho and skirt, teddy bear pieces (for someone else to finish!), and started the Peacock Feather Shawl. I'm thinking there is something else on that list, but can't think of what it is right now.

It's snowing here again. Little flakes - big snow. According to the weather people it's supposed to change to rain at some point, then back to snow. Messy!!

I spent my morning puttering around home, doing work that needed to be done. And laundry. I could do laundry every day and still have a pile of it to be done. How does a family of 4 make so much dirty laundry?? I'm pretty sure that the stuff multiplies as it waits to be washed! Or maybe the neighbours are sneaking their laundry in for me to wash? no, I recognize all the stuff I'm washing. Go figure??

That's all I can think of.